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Can OOH go beyond commoditisation? This panel @ OAC 2023 has some answers

By N Jayalakshmi - July 31, 2023

The concluding session of Outdoor Advertising Convention 2023 held during July 28 and July 29 at the Manekshaw Centre in Delhi had a power packed panel discussing ways of preventing the commoditisation of OOH buying.

How to prevent the commoditisation of OOH buying? This is a question that has plagued the OOH eco-system for a long time now. The answer to that question came up in many discussions at OAC 2023. But it emerged as a moot point at the panel discussion on Day 2, which was the concluding session of  OAC 2023.  

 panel discussion day 2

The panel discussion on ‘How to prevent the commoditisation of OOH buying’ was moderated by Angel Investor & Business Strategist Lloyd Mathias and it had Gaurav Mehta, CMO -Noise; Atul Shrivastava, CEO - Laqshya Media Group; and Junaid Shaikh, MD - RoshanSpacediscussing multiple perspectives that represent their respective role in the OOH eco-system. 

  • How much of brand marketer’s mind-space does OOH occupy?
  • Are there enough iconic sites in the Indian OOH space? And are the few ones left getting commoditised? 
  • Is the lack of measurability and common currency leading to OOH not getting enough brand attention ? 
  • Is there enough representation of good OOH properties to advertisers? 

The above were some of the questions that emerged during the discussion. As the panel members put forward their respective views and concerns, the discussion steered by Lloyd threw up some important takeaways for all stakeholders in the OOH eco-system:

  • Need for more ROI-driven measurable tools that can convince marketers
  • OOH can be a powerful closure to brand campaigns, when it’s backed by impactful OOH sites
  • Medium influences the way public perceives a brand message and hence the need for evaluating the unique impact of OOH in a campaign
  • Better understanding of OOH medium among brands to best leverage its potential 

The session was a fitting conclusion to two power packed days of deliberations and reflections on taking the OOH medium to new heights.  

Are brands leaving the OOH buying decisions entirely to their respective procurement departments, rendering buying as a mere function of price? How must agencies create more compelling plans that engage brand marketers more deeply in the buying decisions? Are media assets reduced to just commoditised ad space? These are questions that can really have a bearing on how the medium evolves in future.      


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