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BJP all set to woo West Bengal with high tech OOH campaign

By Bhawana Anand - March 08, 2021

The party has organised a massive outdoor campaign to create high voltage visibility in 294 assemblies of the state.

Right ahead of the assembly election, the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has rolled out a massive OOH campaigning, aiming to cover the 294 assembly constituencies of the state. The campaign, Lokkho Sonar Bangla (Aim for Sonar Bangla), was announced by the party’s national president, JP Nadda, in Kolkata earlier.

The political party has taken a strategic approach for the outdoor promotions with a mix of innovative media and technology. Great emphasis has been laid on each aspect of the campaign such as media planning, creative designing, formats and monitoring. To ensure flawless implementation and execution of the campaign, the party has mandated its outdoor agency to work on a proper PO to be issued to the vendors. Also, the creative designs will need prior approval by the Election Commission of India and a fool-proof monitoring set up has been organised by the party to keep a check on the campaign.

The media planning of the campaign has been strategically undertaken by the political party to cover the magnitude of the state and picked the best sites available in each city, including large size hoardings, digital wall painting, LED vans, etc. Additionally, a large number of giants cut-outs of PM Narendra Modi, the face of the BJP party, has been erected to augment the campaign.

The political party has also created a big set up for monitoring the campaign through a private IOT solution company, an expert in monitoring OOH campaigns. While this monitoring is aimed at creating guaranteed implementation of the campaign and correct errors such as torn flex etc, it will also assist the audit firm in further analyzing the success of the OOH campaign.

While this is the beginning of the party promotion for the Vidhan Sabha campaign; there are further plans to paint the whole of West Bengal in saffron color by covering a huge sq ft area with the OOH medium.

The campaign comes at a time when the OOH industry is reeling under the impact of the pandemic and given the campaign size, it certainly opens up huge prospects for the industry. 


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