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Bajaj’s Dominar 400 to hyper-ride OOH streets soon

By M4G Bureau - February 05, 2018

The brand, having launched TVCs centred on the ‘Hati Mat Palo’ campaign, is now planning a major OOH campaign to reinforce the concept of hyper-riding among the target audience

Bajaj’s ‘Hat Mat Palo’ campaign that showcases the high-performance Dominar 400 is geared to ride the OOH streets. With superior power delivery and unmatched handling capabilities, Dominar is a new age bike engineered to dominate any terrain. The earlier ‘Haathi Mat Palo’ campaign juxtaposed Dominar against the traditional notions of big bikes in a tongue-in-cheek way using the ‘Haathi’ analogy. The phrase had stirred a dormant sentiment amongst the biking fraternity and had put forth a new language of biking, Hyper-riding.

To emphasise on hyper-riding, the new campaign is designed to highlight Dominar benefits like long distance riding comfort, precision control, high speed agility, off-roading capabilities, modern technology features. The campaign questions the ardent followers of traditional big bikes about their choice by highlighting these specific shortcomings and encourage them to move on to modern day motorcycling.

Recently, three new commercials have gone on-air, which will be supported by an extensive OOH campaign carrying forward the ‘Haathi Mat Palo’ concept.

Elaborating further, Sumeet Narang, VP Marketing Bajaj Auto Ltd says, “Long distance and leisure touring has been devoid of modern motorcycling technology and performance in our country.  By offering size as well as superlative performance, Dominar attempts to redefine and raise the biking standards in the country. While our first campaign provoked riders to answer a question – what’s size without performance, this follow-up campaign further establishes what are the essentials of new age, long distance touring. Each film taps on a pain point faced by the riders of traditional big bikes and how Dominar with its hyper-agility, control, performance and technology, makes it a perfect hyper-riding machine”.

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy West (India), said the 'Haathi Mat Palo' campaign started a new conversation amidst the biking community. A conversation that put technology before tradition. The sequel of this campaign takes the story further. Each story is based on a true insight. Told in a most memorable manner, these stories will provoke the riders to rethink what they will choose to ride when they go touring.”


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