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‘Ad spends likely to get double digit boost as festive cheer returns’

By Rajiv Raghunath - October 19, 2022

Transit & DOOH media expansion, DOOH innovations, and the general uptick in consumer confidence will all contribute to sustained OOH growth, states Imtiyaz Vilatra, Managing Director, Posterscope India.

The estimated ad spends are likely to get a double digit boost as the festive cheer returns. Stating this in his observations on OOH advertising in the current festive season, Imtiyaz Vilatra, Managing Director, Posterscope India said that advertising brands had been visibly active across markets and regions during Onam (Kerala), Ganpati festival (Maharashtra), Durga Puja (West Bengal) and Navratri (West India).

Imtiyaz Vilatra, Managing Director, Posterscope IndiaWith business segments like e-commerce, FMCG, consumer durables, retail, real Estate, and automobile seeing a significant uptick in consumer demand, there was a cascading positive impact on OOH advertising. On this note, Imitiyaz stated that “be it traditional OOH or digital OOH or transit touchpoints, OOH will emerge as the perfect channel for communication in both urban and rural segments”.

As regards availability of quality media for campaigns in this busy season, Imitiyaz commented that “for us at Posterscope, we have been getting media sites of our choice this festive season. This is primarily due to our relationship with media partners across markets. With our audience centric OOH planning platform (OOHZONE) we ensure we recommend the best location for brand/advertiser needs and identify the best media for them basis their objectives. Accordingly, we work with the best media partners across regions while ensuring that we deliver the best to our clients.”

When asked if Indian OOH well and truly back on the growth trajectory, he stated emphatically that “with consumers stepping out of their homes, offices fully opened up, travel industry back on track, and traffic going past pre-Covid levels, we are expecting greater momentum in the business. This is truly a great sign of recovery for OOH and will put the industry on a higher growth trajectory. As industry reports suggest, we believe there will be an uplift of 15-20% in spends this festive. With mobility back and advertisers confidence in the media is bestowed -- primarily due to rise in premium media assets, transit touchpoints expansion, rise in digital OOH media inventory and DOOH Innovations (Anamorphic, pDOOH) -- we believe 2022 will end well. With technology adoption happening at fast pace in OOH business, brands will explore new avenues in the coming years.”


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