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Renault, Lemma, and Yahoo launch a programmatic DOOH campaign for Renault Kiger at airports

By M4G Bureau - September 29, 2022

Peak hour ad rendering on screens offering high dwell time via programmatic technology powered the latest campaign.

Lemma, a leading programmatic DOOH platform, recently enabled the Renault Kiger campaign at airports with Yahoo as the demand side platform.Planned by Omnicom Media Group, the campaign aimed to boost awareness through targeted exposure for the Renault Kiger model on DOOH screens across India’s busiest airports.

Lemma’s integration with a leading global DSP like Yahoo enabled OMG to buy and implement DOOH seamlessly as a part of their digital campaign, reaching millions of multi-city audiences through a single touchpoint with optimal budget utilisation.

Great potential for businesses to drive significant engagements with specific audiences is found in most airports that see heavy passenger flow daily. The campaign utilised audience insights, strategic ad rendering tools and ad placements to coincide with peak foot traffic to guarantee maximum exposure to the intended demographics.

On the campaign, the Renault India shared a statement that read: “Our aim with our new campaign was to attract target audience attention while highlighting the product features on DOOH screens using video formats. Partnering with OMG, Lemma & Yahoo for our first programmatic campaign enabled us to drive visibility and impact for Renault Kiger.”

Commenting on the campaign, Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO of Lemma, said, “The benefit of programmatic DOOH is that it seamlessly integrates into the digital ecosystem, making it easier for marketers to implement programmatic DOOH via multiple integrated platforms. As the demand for new and emerging media grows, stakeholders must adapt quickly and provide agencies with solutions that help them execute omni-digital strategies effectively and efficiently through DSP integrations.”

He continued, “This campaign executed in collaboration with Yahoo DSP demonstrates pDOOH’s responsiveness in prioritising campaigns based on audience movement and other key variables, making every exposure accountable and delivering optimal reach & visibility.”

“The Renault Kiger campaign’s extension from digital to DOOH demonstrates the importance of increasing audience reach by targeting specific ‘real world’ contexts, which is easily enabled by Yahoo’s omnichannel DSP” said Stephanie Gutnik, Global Head of DOOH at Yahoo. “Airports offer the dwell time and audience attention that helped Renault Kiger’s content drive meaningful and measurable results.”


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