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Orange Bank & Jellyfish ran 1st French pDOOH campaign on DV360

By Rajiv Raghunath - November 29, 2022

The two-week OOH campaign ran on 2,000 Clear Channel France displays in shopping centres via Broadsign OOH SSP

pDOOH campaign

With the assistance of digital agency Jellyfish, Orange Bank has been an active programmatic DOOH media buyer since December 2021. In the last year, the medium has become a core part of Jellyfish’s digital media strategy for promoting the financial institution’s premium card and consumer credit product offerings. In executing its latest omnichannel campaign for Orange Bank, Jellyfish looked to unify its display, and video ad buys with OOH investments on Google’s DV360 demand-side platform (DSP). 

Fortuitously, DV360 recently made programmatic DOOH available through preferred deals, and Jellyfish proposed that Orange Bank become the first French advertiser to leverage the new capabilities. Ultimately, the two companies opted to purchase and monitor a two-week OOH campaign running on 2,000 Clear Channel France displays in shopping centres, which were accessible through the Broadsign OOH SSP. The campaign goal was to validate the technical feasibility of buying through DV360 while evaluating KPI results. The campaign scope remained the same as in previous engagements, with duration, geolocation, promoted product, and target key factors.  

Orange Bank and Jellyfish ran the campaign in the last two weeks of October, which reached audiences in shopping centres across France. Executing display, video, and OOH ads on the same DSP simplified campaign planning and drove increased efficiency amongst Jellyfish's trading teams.

Commenting on the campaign’s success, Orange Bank Commercial Communications Director Anna Mignotte shared, “We were one of the first advertisers in the region to experiment with programmatic DOOH and have since integrated it into our omnichannel strategy. When presented with the opportunity to buy DOOH programmatically through DV360, we were excited to take it for a test run. Since most of our media display buying takes place through DV360, the result has allowed us to unify our buying strategies on the same platform, thereby ensuring gains in efficiency and visibility.”

Jellyfish Senior Adtech and Supply Director Thomas Allemand added, “We are delighted to contribute with Orange Bank to innovating in the programmatic digital display ecosystem by broadcasting the first French campaign on the DV360 DSP for this format. This first-of-its-kind milestone makes a lot of sense for Orange Bank, which already uses this DSP to broadcast most of its programmatic campaigns, in an omnichannel media consolidation logic. So, naturally, we collaborated with teams at Google, Clear Channel, and Broadsign to make this innovation possible.”

Noting the significance of the campaign, and its execution on DV360 for OOH and omnichannel advertising, John Dolan, VP, Global Head of Media Sales, said, “DOOH is rapidly gaining momentum, as more brands and agencies recognise its value in maximising audience reach and driving action across digital channels. Alignment between the agency, brand, DSP, and SSP from campaign planning to execution is crucial to ensuring a positive pDOOH experience,” shared John Dolan, VP, Global Head of Media Sales, Broadsign. “This execution represents a huge step toward improving true omnichannel accessibility, and we look forward to continued collaboration.”


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