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Moving Walls Group launches e-commerce platform VideOOH.Deals

By Rajiv Raghunath - March 15, 2021

The platform, powered by Location Media Xchange (LMX), simplifies the media buying experience, especially for small and medium advertisers

Moving Walls group has launched VideOOH Deals, an e-commerce platform that connects all advertisers to curated audience-based deals for real-world video advertising on OOH media.

“OOH advertising is expensive. It cannot be measured. It is a luxury brand awareness medium available to those with hefty budgets. These are just some of the feelings around OOH. The medium has not been helped by the uncertainty around people movement that has seen marketers shift to digital. In fact, OOH and other traditional media experienced the biggest declines in media spends,” cites a Moving Walls release.

“The VideOOH Deals platform has been built to address some of these barriers. It presents affordable deals based on real-time inventory information and makes it accessible to any business regardless of their size or stage of growth. Finally, the deals are all audience based and come with a guarantee of delivery,” the release explains.

The platform is powered by Location Media Xchange (LMX), which is the group’s independent supply-focused arm and Moving Walls’ patented and industry-verified OOH audience impression multiplier.

Meeting marketers’ expectations

“Hope is in the air. We are all wishing for a return to normalcy. We want to travel again. We want to be reunited with family. Similarly, marketers wish to improve their digital advertising efforts while OOH media owners are adopting data to improve confidence. The VideOOH Deals platform makes premium outdoor advertising accessible to everyone using a similar self-service experience as digital,” says Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and Group CEO of Moving Walls.

VideOOH Deals comes into an industry that is now more than just about roadside billboards. The breadth of place-based OOH inventory now extends to screens on smart vending machines and even hand sanitiser stations, the likes of which LMX recently announced partnerships with.

“As behavioural targeting comes under increasing scrutiny, OOH’s unique contextual targeting ability based on location-type, time of day, and other variables provides a valuable way to prime audiences with brand messages for greater digital engagement,” Srikanth adds.

A whole host of studies have shown that OOH, when added to an advertising campaign, not only improves the reach but delivers online activation including website visits, search actions, and better online advertising engagement. However, OOH buying processes have not evolved enough to make the experience as seamless as its online counterparts.

According to Srikanth, “Data and automation in OOH has so far been focused on optimising larger budgets on premium inventory. However, we know a majority of Facebook’s advertising is bought by small or growing businesses. VideOOH Deals will bring the same simplified media buying experience to this segment.”

VideOOH Deals is now recruiting early-bird advertisers who will get access to exclusive vouchers for their first campaign and a digital CPM match guarantee for those who can provide their most recent online advertising results, the release states.


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