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HDFC Life greets air travelers with real time campaign

By M4G Bureau - February 24, 2021

The digital OOH campaign for HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth was unveiled at Mumbai and Delhi airports using dynamic ads in sync with flight schedules

HDFC Life has launched a high-tech real time campaign that has been planned to be in sync with flight schedules and greet fliers at the Delhi and Mumbai airports.  

Handled by Lemma and planned by Logicserve Digital’s team of programmatic experts, the campaign was activated via Google DV360. Lemma’s DMP (data management platform) through an API integration, sourced and ingested the flight schedule data & activated ads an hour prior to the flight on DOOH screens to ensure it captures the audience with the most relevant creative, while they waited to board their flights at multiple touchpoints within the airports.

Dynamic ads that resonated with audiences (flyers) from different states were rendered showcasing a landmark or monument reflecting in the creative along with the brand message relevant to each state. The flight schedule in Mumbai & Delhi were synced to run ads as per the flight scheduled in each of the respective cities, that constituted the brands key markets.

Being the first of its kind, this campaign has achieved a milestone, opening up a whole new approach to DOOH ads layered with dynamic creative set and real time triggers. 

“HDFC Life has always aimed to reach prospective audiences through innovative, industry-first approaches,” Vishal Subharwal, EVP (Digital Marketing), HDFC Life noted. “This campaign allowed us to communicate the product details in an effective manner to a large audience through contextual messaging. The unique advantages of the format provided an opportunity to combine the simple set-up and delivery of an online ad with the reach of a traditional offline format, he added.

Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma commented, “Every year we’ve executed a path breaking campaign and this year as well we’ve demonstrated the true potential of programmatic digital out of home infused with data and dynamic ad rendering capabilities.” He goes on to say, “HDFC Life with its agency Logicserve has redefined the parameters of digital advertising by pushing the use of Programmatic beyond mobile and desktop to digital out of home thereby garnering incremental reach & audience attention.”


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