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DPAA to unveil ‘With DOOH, You Can’ campaign at Video Everywhere Summit beginning today

By Rajiv Raghunath - October 13, 2020

‘With DOOH, You Can’ campaign emphasises DOOH’s programmatic ability to reach returning audiences with real-time messaging and flexibility

DPAA will be launching an ad campaign for the promotion of DOOH advertising at its annual Video Everywhere Summit beginning today. The campaign was developed by DPAA in conjunction with legendary advertising creative executive Jon Bond and the independent ad agency, Madwell, with sponsorship support from Ubimo, the location intelligence technology company that works with OOH agencies and media owners to plan, target, measure and optimise campaigns. 

The campaign, whose tag line is “With DOOH, You Can,” conveys to advertising decision-makers that DOOH audiences are steadily coming back and that programmatic DOOH is agile and nimble, and thus ideal for the greater-than-ever need to change messages in real time. One execution, for example, touts DOOH’s ability to “target a hyper-specific audience at hyper-specific moments.”

The video campaign will run on several DPAA member networks whose screens reach advertising decision-makers, including office building elevator and lobby screens via Captivate Media, as well as in advertising and media trade publications reaching a global audience. DPAA member GroundTruth has donated one million mobile ad impressions to the campaign. 

Barry Frey, President & CEO of DPAA, said, “This campaign delivers on our goals with copy enhanced by a crisp, bold array of sunshine-evoking colours signifying that people are once again starting to venture out and about. DOOH programmatic ad trading is surging and now more important than ever during this COVID period as the ad industry needs powerful campaigns in the real world that can be easily and quickly altered by goals, creative, time, current events, available audience, target audience, specific locations and regions. These digital and dynamic capabilities supercharged out-of-home advertising pre-COVID and will be an indelible part of the ad landscape when we come out of this as well.”

The setting for the announcement, DPAA’s annual global Video Everywhere Summit, will be held as a livestream production over three days from October 13-15, 11am – 2:30pm ET each day. Content pillars for the OOH industry’s tent pole event include: 1) Omnichannel and Programmatic, 2) Diversity and Inclusion, and 3) Globalisation of Media and Brands, with additional content showcasing the aggressive growth of DOOH advertising. Information and registration details are available here.

The “With DOOH, You Can” campaign follows one that DPAA spearheaded with Madwell this past spring. That initiative, called “We Are the Countervirus,” ran on OOH screens in the U.S., Canada, U.K., EMEA, Asia and additional parts of the globe. The campaign harnessed the power of DOOH to provide clear, actionable steps on slowing the spread of COVID-19.


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