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Atmosphere engages SpringServe to power pDOOH campaigns

By M4G Bureau - July 28, 2022

Atmosphere will leverage SpringServe’s ad serving technology to deliver high quality video ad experiences in public spaces

New York-based SpringServe, a leading independent TV ad serving platform, has announced a strategic integration with Atmosphere, a leader in streaming TV entertainment for businesses, by which SpringServe will power Atmosphere’s video-centric DOOH inventory.

SpringServe’s ad serving technology helps media owners maximise the value of their inventory. Through this integration, SpringServe will power Atmosphere’s programmatic DOOH campaigns and ensure a superior quality ad experience for consumers, using tools including frequency capping, competitive separation, and creative size targeting. The SpringServe platform also allows Atmosphere to optimise and measure campaign performance.

Optimised for viewing in public spaces, Atmosphere’s free ad-supported streaming platform features engaging content that encompasses viral video compilations, extreme sports, lifestyle, art, ambient nature, news and entertainment, reaching more than 35 million unique visitors per month. The company was named to this year’s Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list.

“Video-centric DOOH media owners encounter similar viewer experience challenges that CTV publishers face and the features we’ve developed at SpringServe will effectively address these issues,” said Joe Hirsh, General Manager at SpringServe. “SpringServe’s platform is well suited to help Atmosphere with a range of ad delivery and monetization needs to power their programmatic advertising.”

“SpringServe’s technology enables us to easily manage, track and measure programmatic DOOH inventory,” said Michael Santa Cruz, VP, Pricing & Yield at Atmosphere. “As the leading video ad-serving platform, SpringServe provides transparency and a superior level of functionality to run campaigns at scale.”


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