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Andreal weaves AR/VR into OOH

By Pray Jani - December 16, 2019

Short campaign turnaround time is a major challenge, explains Rishika Kajaria, CEO, Andreal

AR / VR is not new to OOH, yet they have not been widely used in campaigns. Kolkata-based tech solutions firm Andreal is taking big steps for wider application of extended virtual reality technologies for OOH campaigns. More recently, Andreal executed such a campaign for the production house SVF Entertainment to promote one of their latest releases.

On this, Rishika Kajaria, CEO of Andreal, said, “OOH is going beyond print and static ads. We provide the consumers a better brand experience, which in turn helps them make decisions with much more clarity. This technology can only grow with ideation and content that draws more value to this technology.”

The company asserts that a creative way of using the technology drives more value to this medium, prompts them to help clients come up with the right campaign idea and execution. With augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and mixed reality experiences, Andreal works on creative ways of engaging with brands.

A lot many developments are taking place on this front. “Gesture control, 5G internet, and new developments in neuroscience are cases in point. Gradually, headsets will become mere glasses and the advertising experience will become more refined. Brands internationally have already been using AR and VR to engage with their TG. It is now picking up in India as well,” said Rishika.

However, the challenge faced by the company in today’s OOH scenario is that it takes 20-25 days to prepare for a campaign, starting from the ideation, content creation, and coding to its final execution. “In the OOH industry, brands give the brief 10-15 days before a campaign is scheduled to go live. The process of content creation and the coding takes up a lot of time. And once the coding is done, we also need a few days to fix the bugs. For this reason, we would ideally require 20-25 days,” suggested Rishika.



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