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Wakefit wakes up Bengaluru: Navigating success with hyperlocal marketing

By Sakshi Sanghavi - March 28, 2024

In Bengaluru's urban expanse, the Wakefit Sofa ad shines on gantries, inviting all to experience its unmatched comfort and style

In the bustling streets and vibrant neighbourhoods of Bengaluru, Wakefit's innovative advertising strategies have not only captured attention but also left a profound impact on its audience. Since its establishment in 2016, Wakefit has continuously revolutionised the sleep solutions industry, and its recent campaign executed on gantries is a testament to its deep understanding of the city's dynamic culture and lifestyle. With strategic store placements in bustling urban centres, Wakefit also ensures accessibility and convenience.

With taglines like "More Sofa Options than Microbreweries in Bangalore" near to RT Road and "More Bed Options than Autos Stuck at St. John's Signal" near St. John's Hospital, Wakefit's ads cleverly merge humor with insight, resonating with Bangaloreans on a personal level. These taglines don't just serve as catchy phrases; they mirror the daily experiences and challenges faced by residents in a bustling metropolis like Bengaluru.

The audience effect of Wakefit's ad campaigns is multi-faceted and far-reaching. Firstly, they serve as conversation starters, sparking discussions among friends, families, and coworkers as they navigate through the city. These ads become talking points, eliciting smiles, chuckles, and nods of recognition from passersby who can relate to the quirks and idiosyncrasies of Bangalore's urban life depicted in the ads.

Moreover, Wakefit's hyperlocal marketing strategies ensure that these ads are strategically placed in areas where they'll have the most significant impact. By targeting specific neighbourhoods and high-traffic locations such as RT Road and the vicinity of St. John's Hospital, Wakefit maximises visibility and engagement within its target demographic. This targeted approach enables Wakefit to effectively reach its audience right where they live, work, and commute, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

Beyond merely promoting its product offerings, Wakefit's ad campaigns become integral parts of Bengaluru's cultural landscape, enriching the experiences of residents and contributing to the city's vibrant tapestry. They embody Wakefit's commitment to not only providing comfort and style but also to understanding and embracing the unique lifestyle of Bangaloreans.

Wakefit continues to leave a lasting impression on its audience, one sofa and bed at a time.


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