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Stage3 comes on roads to redefine fashion consumption

By M4G Bureau - January 23, 2020

Started yesterday, Stage3 on Wheels is planned to parked across popular spots in the Delhi-NCR region

Aiming to revolutionize fashion consumption in the country, Stage3, India’s leading fashion-tech platform transforming millennial India’s closets by providing affordable access to on-trend, glamorous fashion leveraging designers, celebrity stylists and data insights, has launched its latest campaign, ‘Stage3 on Wheels’. As India’s first Fashion Mobile, the vehicle is set to operate across popular spots in Delhi-NCR to provide a layered experience that sets the tone for the future of fashion – with a dream walk-in closet that allows customers to ‘Touch, See, and Rent’ their preferred outfits!

Starting yesterday, the bus is planned to park in areas such as Khan Market, Greater Kailash and Gurgaon, from 11 am to 7 pm, from Monday to Saturday every week. Stage3 will also roll out a calendar with pit-stops for the month for its customers to follow.

The one-of-its-kind bus is part of the brand’s efforts to drive greater awareness about the rental model it operates with, leveraging the sharing economy spirit to bridge the gap between aspiration and access. At the core of this lies the idea of promoting sustainability through a ‘Conscious Closet’.

The fashion bus primarily features collections from Stage3 (rental model), which lets customers rent expensive design-led occasion wear with high social obsolescence at a fraction of their MRP. Additionally, it has pieces from Alaya by Stage3 (commerce model), which are stylish ‘elevated essentials’ co-developed by designers and celebrity stylists, leveraging data insights. The inventory will be rotated from time to time to suit relevant occasions, ensuring that customers always have the best, on-trend fashion to choose from.

Speaking on the launch and the concept behind the latest campaign, Sanchit Baweja, Co-Founder, Stage3 said, “We are beyond excited about the launch of the Stage3 on Wheels campaign! At Stage3, we believe in creating unique experiences wherein our customers can consume fashion like never before, and this concept of a walk-in wardrobe on wheels is perfectly in sync with it. With sustainability being the need of the hour, Stage3 has actively been working towards giving way to a new wave of fashion in the country. Consistently finding different ways to engage our target audiences via our omnichannel approach is a major part of this. By championing the cause and transforming how fashion is consumed without compromising on the experience, we truly believe we have been able to start the sustainable fashion revolution in India.”



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