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Minute Maid’s latest campaign stands tall in Gorakhpur

By M4G Bureau - May 31, 2023

The Coca Cola owned beverage company’s latest ad for its honey-infused fruit juice is attracting eyeballs with its ingenious billboard

Uttar Pradesh, is not only India’s most populous state, but also one of the hottest regions in the country during the summers. This makes it the perfect market for food and beverage brands to advertise their products, and Minute Maid has leveraged this opportune moment for its latest campaign. 

Miniut maid honey creative 3D bee campaign in Gorakhpur

Minute Maid’s latest offering is its range of fruit juices infused with honey and to promote the same, the brand has opted to go the OOH way. The billboard features a rabble of bees floating in and around the canvas with the campaign tagline ‘#RukneNaDe’ highlighted right in the center. 

Minute Maid Honey campaign, Gorakhpur

The campaign, executed by NNI Promotion, is situated in Gorakhpur and will be live for a month starting 31st May.


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