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Maruti Suzuki takes Ciaz on an OOH drive

By Bhawana Anand - October 31, 2014

The three-stage OOH campaign was executed by Laqshya Media Group

Maruti Suzuki recently launched its mid-size premium sedan segment car Ciaz with a huge 360 degree promotional plan which comprised an OOH campaign as well.  The OOH brand objective was to create awareness around the newly launched vehicle and to drive bookings and sales. The campaign has been executed in three phases - the first was a teaser campaign launched in a few key cities. This was followed by a campaign encouraging consumers to book the Ciaz. The third part of the campaign included the actual launch of the car beginning in the first week of October and continued till Diwali. To widen the reach for the brand, the campaign was kicked off in over 35 cities catering to 28 to 45, stylish, SEC A, A+ class. The campaign was executed by Laqshya Media Group.

"The strategy was to create as much buzz and visibility as possible. We planned the campaign in three phases - teaser, second was to announce bookings and the third part was the actual launch. I believe this has worked extremely well in getting the campaign noticed by consumers and the industry,” said Sunila Dhar, DGM- Marketing, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

The brand strategically selected the various platforms to endorse the new car including OOH which played a vital role. "Each medium has its specific role. The idea is to reach the consumer where he is. If he watches television, we need to be there. If our consumer is online, we need to be there. And while he is on the move, OOH media plays an important role as a reminder. Sometimes an impactful outdoor creative and the right placement can resonate with the consumer very well. I strongly believe that no marketing or advertising plan is complete without an OOH media strategy,” explained Dhar.

Laqshya Solutions devised the media plan to gain the maximum visibility by using bigger format media such as billboards, bridge panels and malls. The sites on important routes of the target cities covering multiple touch points such as office areas, malls, main markets, commercial areas and commercial hubs were taken up for the campaign.

"We were thrilled to work on the campaign for Maruti's newest car launch. They have been our client for a long time and we ensured that the campaign we executed was high visibility and high impact. At Laqshya, we are proud of the kind of reach we offer our clients. We have already built a good network in the B15 markets, which is the booming part of the country. For the Ciaz campaign, we went deeper reaching several Tier II cities that have a significantly wealthy consumer base,” said Atul Shrivastava, COO, Laqshya Media Group.

"We usually get an idea of the impact based on market surveys and consumer buzz. The research teams constantly monitor and check the effectiveness of the campaign.  Also our network plays an important in the short listing and monitoring the effectiveness. The campaign feedback has so far been extremely positive,” summed up Dhar.

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