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It’s never just a car, it’s a journey of memories!

By Neelambari Kakaraparthi - March 01, 2024

The new campaign by Spinny is all set to bridge the gap between the Pitch and the Road

Spinny ooh campaign

Spinny, a comprehensive platform for buying and selling used cars, has sustained its brand presence through multi-channel campaigns. More recently, the brand has been visible at vantage points on the OOH streets, such as, on the FoB adjacent to St. John’s Hospital junction in Bengaluru.

A larger brand story has been narrated on Spinny’s TVC that did the rounds earlier – featuring cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and his beloved car, fondly named Sundae.

Spinny's campaign revolves around the stories and deep connections that Indians share with their vehicles. Whether it's the excitement of purchasing a new car or the sentimentality of parting ways with an old one, every moment is special.

In that TVC, Sachin Tendulkar was seen reminiscing about the wonderful memories he has shared with Sundae, his cherished car and happy place. Viewers are taken on a journey through Sachin's nostalgic recollections, from long drives to scenic locations, meticulous car care routines, and the joy of listening to his favourite music. Ultimately, Sachin trusts Spinny to find a new owner who will treasure Sundae just as much as he does.


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