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Integrated campaigns deliver best: AdReaction study

By M4G Bureau - January 19, 2018

Kantar Millward Brown’s 2018 AdReaction study states that ads on all channels benefit from integration – but TV and Facebook, and TV and outdoor, are combinations that work particularly well with each other

According to Kantar Millward Brown’s 2018 AdReaction study entitled ‘AdReaction: The Art of Integration’ -- based on new quantitative research in 45 countries, multichannel copy testing of 12 campaigns from eight countries, and custom analysis of Kantar Millward Brown’s global media effectiveness and copy testing databases -- reveals that globally 81% of consumers agree that the volume of ads has increased, while 69% feel they are more intrusive.

Consumers do not find ads particularly memorable: only a quarter (27%) of UK respondents say multimedia campaigns remind them about the brand (34% globally). However, a third (33%) of UK consumers feel that ads tell better stories now than three years ago.

In addition, the AdReaction research shows that three quarters of multimedia ad campaigns are integrated well, which means all content fits and works coherently across the different channels it is viewed on. Integrated campaigns are 31% more effective at building brands. Ads on all channels benefit from integration – but TV and Facebook, and TV and outdoor, are combinations that work particularly well with each other.

Other key findings of AdReaction: The Art of Integration include:

  • Every ad contributes to a campaign’s success. Campaign strength is defined more by the average strength of all executions than the best or worst individual execution. There is a strong correlation between overall campaign likeability and the average likeability of all ads tested.
  • Every placement matters. All media channels play a role across different metrics – so marketers should use the full range. Consumers are most receptive and positive to advertising on ‘traditional’ media channels (cinema, TV and outdoor/billboard ads).
  • Marketers and consumers have a different view about online targeting. 58% of UK marketers believe it is very/somewhat reliable, versus 27% of consumers. People are far more likely to recall a negative online targeting experience.
  • In terms of ROI, magazines and POS punch most above their weight, according to AdReaction’s analysis of contribution versus spend.

Campaigns with a strong central idea perform better across all brand KPIs (+64%), especially brand image associations (+91%). All brand cues contribute positively to campaign effectiveness, but AdReaction shows that consistent characters or personalities most help brand impact.

Multimedia pre-testing of campaigns carried out as part of the AdReaction study found that those which work best across all media to achieve brand objectives are both integrated and customised, with versions tailored to suit different channels. When these two things are combined, it can boost the effectiveness of a campaign by 57%. While 75% of ad campaigns are integrated, less than half (46%) are also customised, while one in four are fragmented and therefore not recognisably part of the same campaign.

Marketers and consumers have very different views on whether campaigns successfully fit together. Most marketers (89%) believe their campaigns are integrated, but only 52% of consumers agree.

The AdReaction report sets out guiding principles to help marketers design, deliver and place integrated and customised multimedia campaigns, navigating channel choices and ad formats:

Cue the idea. Start with a strong campaign idea in the creative development stage, and deliver tightly integrated executions.

Integrate comprehensively. Visual cues such as logos are essential, but campaigns also benefit from aural cues such as voiceovers and music. Characters are strong differentiators.

Place selectively. Only invest in channels that have a clear role in reaching the target audience. Understand what each channel can deliver in impact and cost.

Customise content – but carefully. Only create ads for channels where you can adapt versions that will really work. 

Mind the (marketer vs consumer) gap. Consumers will not see all the brand integration cues, so test your idea early, and test executions in all major media channels.

Measure. Assess the effectiveness and impact of different media channels, using the insight to continually improve performance and ROI. 



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