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Enabling policies must for DOOH growth – Kan Universal

By Shradha Mishra - January 14, 2019

Amit Bahl, director of the firm, expresses concerns over market getting flooded with low-cost, low-quality products

Kan UniversalEven as technological advancements in the DOOH space including automated LED displays, wireless control systems, better picture quality, and high brightness have fuelled the use of LED displays for digital signages, the relatively high scale of investments required for setting up DOOH media, fluctuating demand for LED display modules and policy constraints in the use of DOOH media in public places have reined in the growth of the medium.

Amit Bahl, Director, Kan UniversalStating this in a conversation with Media4Growth, Amit Bahl, Director of Delhi-based Kan Universal, supplier of LED display modules and other products, said that currently market demand is seen for outdoor LED display modules -- P6, P8 & P10. The number stands for the minimum viewing distance for the display. P6 is apparently the most in demand. The display module is flexible and easy to install.

Amit observes that in the last two years many new players entered in LED market, offering “low quality products at higher rate with false promises” which has adversely affected the industry.

Amit firmly believes that pro-active government support for the use of DOOH for advertising and communications in the outdoor space will go a long way toward growing the DOOH market as a whole.



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