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Srishti Communications wins sole rights on Bengaluru-Chennai Shatabdi train

By M4G Bureau - February 05, 2019

The advertising rights for train exterior and interior branding have been acquired for a period of 5 years and the win expands the company’s transit media portfolio

Srishti CommunicationsSrishti Communications has won the sole advertising rights on the daily Shatabdi Express train plying between Bengaluru and Chennai. The contract -- for both train exterior and in-train displays -- has been acquired for a period of 5 years. S Kumar, Chairman of Srishti Group of Companies, told Media4Growth that the media on this premium train will be attractive to many top corporate brands that seek to connect with large audiences in the OOH space.

As such, the Shatbadi Express train passenger profile is very diverse, ranging from top professionals and decision makers to home makers. As this train connects to the two big cities in a matter of 5 hours, many people are seen to opt for this train journey instead of air travel. That makes the advertising medium on this train all the more attractive.

By securing the entire advertisement space on the interiors as well as exterior of the coaches of this train, Srishti Communications contemplates offering the entire space in one lot to their clients so that the product/ service advertised get deeply registered in the minds of consumers.

Kumar explains that with the current ban on hoardings in both Chennai and Bengaluru cities, this km-long moving billboard is a go-to option for many advertisers. Srishti Communications is intensely focused on increasing its transit media portfolio.


Bangalore based SRISHTI OUTREACH PRIVATE LIMITED, a unit of the Srishti group of Companies has bagged the contracts for Sole Advertisement Rights on three prestigious trains from Bangalore division of South Western Railway.

The Company has secured the contracts for the following trains

JAN SHATABDI EXPRESS (Bangalore Hubli Bangalore)

LAL BAGH EXPRESS (Bangalore Chennai Bangalore)

CHENNAI EXPRESS (Bangalore Chennai Bangalore)

The contracts are for FIVE YEARS

The salient feature of these contracts is that the entire space viz EXTERIOR and INTERIOR spaces in the coaches are allotted to this Company for display of advertisements.

As per Sivaraman, Director of the Company, these trains plying between Major Metropolitan and Commercial capitals serve as MOBILE medium. The added advantage of the exterior branding is visibility at way side Railway Stations as well as level crossings (exterior branding). Hence, the Advertiser gets mileage at different locations with a single display on these trains.

Due to the ban on hoardings in Chennai and Bangalore, this media will be the most sought after by the Advertisers as it is a LEGAL MEDIA. Further, display on the exteriors of these trains is akin to display on a very large size hoarding as the entire exterior space of the train is covered by Advertisement.

With the Advertisement contract for the Suburban trains in Bangalore already in its kitty, the addition of these three more trains has enabled the company to provide a wide spectrum of train branding options to its clients.

With more focus given by the advertisers for the transit media currently, Sivaraman is enthusiastic and optimistic that this media will bring in substantial revenues to the Company in the days to come.



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