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Vodafone goes magical in Patna

By Bhawana Anand - June 17, 2014

LOMS has executed the bqs innovation using LED and moving effect

Cellular major Vodafone has taken the outdoor route in Patna to showcase its'Magic Offer' to its target audience. For this, the company opted for a bqs innovation at a strategic location to deliver the communication. LOMS has executed the campaign, which will be up for three months.

The creative had a regular design showing a magician performing a trick. LOMS amplified the creative by using LED and moving effect.

The entire creative was designed with a programme circuit to give the moving effect. Some 65 watts LED bullets, 36 watts tubes and 41 tubes of 40 watts have been used to make it clutter breaking site.

This site is placed next to Chanakya hotel in Patna to capture the high profile audience.


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