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DSP Investment Managers launches another eye-catcher

By Pray Jani - March 16, 2020

The “Bachao,” awareness campaign has taken over the outdoor media by surprise

DSP Investment Managers has rolled out another stimulating OOH campaign designed to spread awareness about tax saving schemes ‘Bachao’ targeting working professionals look to save tax every Financial Year.

DSP Mutual Fund bases its communication philosophy on honesty and simplicity and the campaign aims to deliver on both counts, given the hard hitting and precise messaging strategy, that relies on the power of one single word. Taking up multiple formats like large format hoardings, gantries among traditional media, and digital taxi-top media, bus shelters cab wraps, the campaign says only one thing – “Bachao.”

Abhik Sanyal, Head-Consumer Marketing, DSP Investment Managers said, "Our quest for simple, meaningful and impactful communication continues with our latest category awareness campaign. Tax saving is important for anybody who earns an income, which is where the ELSS product category fits in perfectly. While we were thinking of how to grab attention and drive home the one thing that matters to almost all of us- saving money, we were also conscious that OOH creatives need to be minimal and instantly salient. Therefore, we set ourselves a challenge to capture this theme in the minimum number of words possible and our one-word headline, BACHAO, took birth. This one word is meaningful in so many ways and we hope that this messaging strategy attracts attention and connects with those who are looking to do something more with their money or are already considering ELSS but haven't invested in it before."

Talking about the creative thought Sanyal told, “The campaign is about equity linked saving schemes, which are popularly also called tax saver funds. That is what our campaign says in one word, because “Bachao” relates to so many different things but it drives the message home very simply and that is the point of advertising.”

DSP Mutual Fund unveiled 'Bachao' - its latest outdoor campaign as part of their investor education initiatives to build awareness around the 'Equity Linked Savings Schemes' (ELSS) category in time for the tax season. The campaign uses a very powerful one-word headline to grab consumer eyeballs while directly addressing how they can benefit through ELSS, or tax-saving mutual funds as many call them.

Rohit Singhania, Co-Head - Equities, DSP Investment Managers said, "Equity Linked Savings Schemes are a great way for not just saving tax, but to potentially create long term wealth. One shift we are encouraging for those who are investing in ELSS is to remain invested for 10 years or more. Just because there’s a short lock-in period of 3 years, don’t take it as an indication to exit. These are diversified equity funds at the end of the day and invest primarily in Indian equity markets. Remember, long term investing in ELSS also means compounding advantages along with tax saving benefits."



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