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‘We need to back our OOH approach with technology’

By N Jayalakshmi - October 05, 2021

Y S Guleria – Director, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, talks about the brand’s approach to OOH. Presented here are excerpts from the conversation.

Y S Guleria – Director, Sales & Marketing<br>Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Could you first share a bit about your approach to the out of home advertising medium as a whole, in terms of the formats and audience engagement? How has it served your marketing objectives in the past?

The 2-wheeler industry caters to a wide spectrum of target audiences coming from diverse geographies and socio-economic classes and OOH is still a predominant engagement platform that continues to offer a wide variety of formats to reach these mass audiences.

As we transition from a challenging period of lockdowns and restrictions towards a post pandemic stage, what role do you see OOH playing as a marketing and advertising medium?

During the period of lockdown and restrictions, OOH media took a backseat with extremely low levels of traffic movement on roads, deserted shopping complexes and public areas. As more people step out of their homes, breaking the old moulds we need to back our OOH approach with technology. From data analytics available these days on various platforms, we can zero down on the areas with high traffic movement.

Moving forward, it is good to note that there have been radical innovations and adoptions across the OOH space.

The OOH space is still not considered on par with the other ATL mediums. Why do you think so? As a brand, what do you think would increase spends on this medium?

Categorisation of ATL or BTL medium for OOH may be different for industries or brands per se. However, some key limitations faced by OOH media in comparison to other ATL mediums include the lack of measurability in terms of effectiveness vs the marketing spends. Besides, as a sector it continues to operate in a relatively unorganised market.

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Read the full interview in the October 2021 edition of Outdoor Asia magazine


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