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‘Prospects bright for LED lighting of OOH’

By Shradha Mishra - November 02, 2018

Yogesh Panjabi, Director of Thane-based Shine Concepts talks about the current LED display market in India, as well as the future course of the business

Established 17 years ago, Thane-based Shine Concepts is known for its energy efficient and environment-friendly indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions. Edited excerpts of the interview:

What kind of outdoor lighting solutions do you offer?
We import and manufacture outdoor electronic LED display systems, video screens and electrical components. We supply all parts of the digital display along with the software to our clients, so that they can modify them as per need. We also provide a 5-year warranty on our digital displays from the date of purchase, and if any issue arises in the display during the guarantee period, we are there to solve those.

We manufacture 3-sided LED displays on vans. With the p6 technology for display it gives clarity of the subject played and works well in all kinds of weather conditions. Recently they were used in Hubli district in Karnataka for an election campaign.

For traditional media like hoardings we supply flood lights.

Tell us about new concepts being introduced in digital LED lighting?
(Pixel –p) P 2.25, P 3.25 are coming in displays, providing clearer and sharp images. Also, there are flexible displays that can be twisted, and folded. New technologies are reducing the cost of production and panelling of digital LED displays.

What are your key business expansion plans?
Business in the last 12 months went pretty well. We have our displays fixed in most neighbouring districts and cities of Mumbai. With a growth of 10% every year in digital LED segment there is a target to make it 15% of our total business turnover.

We are also gearing up for exports to South Africa, precisely Tier 2.


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