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'OOH is a strong reminder medium'

By M4G Bureau - January 13, 2014

Anuradha Narasimhan, Director -- Marketing, Britannia Industries Ltd, tells Outdoor Asia how the OOH medium helps the FMCG brand in connecting with its TG.

OOH Medium - Learnings at Britannia

One of the key learning's at Britannia has been to use multiple media to connect with the shopper and consumer. We are increasingly using Print, Outdoor, Digital, In Store media in addition to the television medium. In our understanding, the message the consumer receives should be the same but it need not be delivered through simply adapting "Creatives”.

To get a little more specific about the OOH medium, we would like to achieve definitely a sense of reminder but critically a sense of the products / brands being consumed out of home. One of the key purposes the outdoor medium serves is that of reminding the consumer at vantage points the message of the brand - We have been wishing our consumers " Happy Good Day to you” from hoardings, gantries on high footfall streets, the metro stations , and even the trail to Sabarimala. The brand believes genuinely that every day must be a celebrated as a Good Day and with a pack of Britannia Good Day. A couple of our other brands Britannia Bourbon and Britannia Jim Jam are currently targeting a different target audience and objective - the young and the kids - and here the purpose is of making the viewer drool over the product and drive impulse consumption. We expect this outdoor campaign to drive up trial rates for us. A third outdoor campaign of ours that just kicked off is the one on Nutrichoice Digestive - the message here is Tasty Health Biscuits - and the objective here is to position Nutrichoice as the tasty route to health- a lot of care went into the photographic shoot of the Digestive biscuits to ensure that the creative lives up to the product and the message being delivered.

Approach to OOH

We have used Outdoor both as a support medium and as a lead medium for our campaigns - we believe that it can work by itself. In terms of spends, we have been increasing our spends on outdoor in the last couple of years but it is not that we allocate a certain budget to it. The choice of media is a function of the communication objective of the brand and its campaign. We have not restricted usage to the top metros but have expanded it to maybe 70 odd towns, where it can actually deliver on the primary agenda of reach.

At Britannia, we consider InStore messaging as an extended arm of the OOH medium- how our brands and products look at retail are key to driving preference and purchase at what in the industry is referred to as the First Moment of Truth. The challenge here is the challenge of plenty - Britannia products retail in over 3.8 million retail outlets and we need an effective pareto analysis to decide which of the key outlets could be put up signages / messaging in. The easiest route could be to use the sales contributions of stores but we layer on this analysis the shopper understanding as well as overall throughput in the store-location.  The visibility serves not just as a reminder message for shoppers going into the store, but those that are going by the store. We have put up Britannia MarieGold signages at shops which are tea consumption points building on to the brand's message of "brings tea times alive”.

OOH Challenges

The challenges that we face on using the OOH medium are of two types - one internal to us and one external. Innovation in creative and innovation in appeal of product are critical to making the outdoor unit stand out and deliver a cut through message. On the external front, we find that there isn't any measurement of the medium and it is often left to the sales and marketing teams of companies to arrive at the effectiveness of the medium - it is also a very fragmented industry and we often end up having to negotiate with multiple suppliers. Monitoring of quality of implementation is also an arduous task. We look forward to the industry getting better organized as far as execution is concerned, and bringing in a measurement science.

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