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'OOH helps in creating trade acceptability'

By M4G Bureau - January 22, 2014

Sahil Gilani, Director, Marketing & Sales, Gits, tells Outdoor Asia how the OOH medium has helped the brand create awareness.

Role of OOH

OOH has helped us well in building brand and product awareness. More importantly it has created product acceptability with the trade.

For example retailers are hesitant to order newly launched products, however when they see an OOH campaign of the product in their area they become more acceptable to stocking the product.

Comparative performance of OOH

OOH has fared well for us. We find it easier to gauge the impact from OOH since it's at a micro level whereas print,TV and Radio are more of macro level advertising.

In my opinion OOH works well to get primary sales rolling due to its impact on retailers and also generating product specific sales. The other mainstream mediums work better for consumer pull and overall brand awareness. Hence I feel a combination of both mainstream media and local OOH is essential.

Exploring formats

We have launched a more aggressive media spend in India only in this past year. Previously we only used mainstream advertising for our export market via international beams of Indian TV channels such as Zee, Sony, Star,etc.

Since we are back in the Indian media after a long time, we are still in the learning stage and exploring with various mediums us as print,TV, Radio and of course OOH. We are also investing in the digital mediums too by using streaming video pre-roll ads, search and banner ads.

Average spend on OOH

Approximately 20% of our total marketing budget is spent on OOH.
As previously mentioned, we started our Indian market media campaign more aggressively only this year so it is our first time using OOH at an extensive level.

Strong OOH markets

We have restricted OOH to the western region currently, primarily Gujarat and Maharashtra. More specifically most of the budget is consumed by Mumbai city.  In the new financial year we would explore OOH in more regions.

Defining innovation

Frankly, we have played it safe and have not explored any ground breaking or innovative OOH. However, this is something that we are excited to explore in the near future should we come across an innovative idea that is executable.

Challenges in innovation

Effective Execution is a challenge to most innovative ideas.

Creative approach to campaigns

The thought process behind arriving at a creative is: clutter-free, focused rather than bombarding several messages and easily readable from a distance. These are vital for a successful OOH campaign.

Measurement of impact

We rely on direct retailer and consumer feedback to measure the impact of OOH in a specific area. In fact, our experience of measuring OOH feedback has been easier than it has been for other mainstream advertising mediums.

Role of specialist agencies and expectations from them

I look forward to seeing more innovative options from them that can grab more eyeballs than a regular OOH campaign. That is the only way to justify the rising costs of OOH, client must get more mileage. 

Factors that can drive OOH spends

Better tracking is required especially in smaller cities. Very often we have found that during festivals and election months our OOH campaigns are often hijacked by illegal ads pasted in front of ours. Most often we only find out once our local sales person informs us of the same. Outdoor media owners ought to be more vigilant and offer better tracking and transparency to clients.

Hoarding at Peddar Road, Mumbai for Gits Ready Meals

Raksha Bandhan Campaign Bus Shelter

Festive Season Campaign Bus Shelter

Tier 3 city hoarding


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