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'Innovations should be proposed by Media Owners'

By M4G Bureau - December 07, 2013

Alok Ranjan, Area Business Manager, Kolkata - Tanishq - Titan Company Limited, tells Outdoor Asia how the medium can grow further in West Bengal with innovative initiatives from media owners.

Spend on OOH in W Bengal

We have increased our spends on outdoor advertising this year when compared to the last few years. This year during the festival time especially, we have been doing quite a few activities like the drive on making jewellery for'Maa Durga' etc and we have done major promotions for that by taking 60 sites all over Kolkata which was running for one and a half months. We have extended that with the festive diamond campaign and also for our wedding collection. Thus the increase is almost 100% in the last three months.

Key markets in the state

We are mainly present in Kolkata and apart from that we are also present in Siliguri, Burdwan and Durgapur.

Preferred formats

We do all our outdoor campaign through hoardings when any communication is related to our services or offers which we provide. If we see that in any particular area our competitors are also present then we take additional pole kiosks for providing directional signage's or just to make our TG aware that the store is present in that location. 

Comparing OOH in rest of W Bengal with other states and the challenges

The quality of sites outside Kolkata is a concern because maintenance is a major issue there. Monitoring the sites and getting the true picture of the condition of the flex is surely a challenge for rest of W.B. 

Exploring new formats

In order to stand out in this clutter we sometimes opt for OB Vans for advertising the brand which is an alternative media explored by Tanishq.

Factors that would drive higher OOH spend in W Bengal

The biggest problem is that all media owners working in this industry are not organised and thus they do not treat the clients properly. If they did, it can develop into a long relationship with them. Otherwise, the client looses the faith. Also, during the peak festive seasons we need better co-operation from the vendors. They should also propose new and alternative media options and innovations for the brands.


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