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‘innovation plays a crucial role in OOH advertising’

By M4G Bureau - February 29, 2024

Vinay Nikam, Creative Head, Connect OOH speaks about creativity in OOH advertising, leveraging technology for raising the creativity bar, and gaining recognition for great works, in an exclusive interview with Media4Growth

Vinay Nikam

Creativity is one of the key levers for OOH growth, as brands of all hues are constantly looking to make an impressionable presence on the OOH landscape. While OOH as a medium affords great scope for creativity, is the creativity on the Indian OOH canvas limited to the few and far in between innovations? Reaffirming the critical importance of creativity, Vinay Nikam, Creative Head, Connect OOH tells Media4Growth that OOH advertising demands creativity because it operates in a dynamic, real-world environment where capturing attention is crucial when surrounded by distractions. While creativity is the cornerstone of effective advertising across all channels, innovation plays a crucial role in OOH advertising. Due to limited attention spans and a highly competitive landscape, capturing audience attention and maximising the impact of OOH campaigns is paramount.”

Vadilala Ice cream creative OOH campaign

In assessing the typical challenges that crop up while handling the creative side of campaigns, Vinay makes the observation that Every challenge is a chance to do something unique and make a mark. To enhance the creative quotient of our campaigns, we prioritise collaboration and innovation. By leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise, we can generate unique and compelling concepts that resonate with audiences while meeting the objectives of our clients. Additionally, we invest in staying abreast of emerging technologies and trends in the industry. This allows us to incorporate cutting-edge techniques and interactive elements into our concepts, keeping them fresh and engaging.”

ORRA brand OOH campaign

And, is recognition of creativity matter a matter of interest to the creative professionals I the OOH space? To this, Vinay says, “We appreciate getting noticed for our creative work on OOH campaigns. It's more than just trophies; it means feeling good about what we did and wanting to do even better next time. Winning awards like the OAA gives a big thumbs-up to our team and shows everyone we're doing awesome work. This recognition also opens up new doors and opportunities for us in the industry!”

Creative OOH campaign  


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