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'Ease of execution key to driving spends'

By M4G Bureau - December 09, 2013

Abhishek Bhattacharya, Head, Marketing - East, Ambuja Cements Limited, talks about the challenges and potential of the OOH medium in West Bengal.

Spend on OOH in W Bengal

The OOH media has always been an important tool for us to connect with prospective customers in the state of WB. For Ambuja, the primary TG is the Individual Home Builder (IHB). Data shows that over the years, this mass which constitutes about 60% of the cement consumption market, has shifted more to the Tier II and III towns. Looking at OOH as a primary recall medium, we have migrated from Kolkata to district towns as far as visibility is concerned and as our spread has increased so has our spends as well.

Key markets in the state

Our key markets are the Kolkata suburbs and district markets (Tier II & III towns) of West Bengal.

Preferred formats

"Giant Compressive Strength" is our tagline and that requires that we opt for large formats. Thus we tend to look out for such options at key locations on the basis of market priorities. However, I would prefer to opt for a wall wrap or directional signage based on the campaign someday.  

Comparing OOH in rest of W Bengal with other states and the challenges

OOH media is critical for ROWB and has traditionally performed well in the last few years. Regarding challenges I would say that in most other states in East it is easier to operate when compared to ROWB, the reason being the absence of media owners with goodies, spanning geographies and a deliberate state of unprofessionalism amongst the rest.

Exploring new formats

In the past, we have opted for suburban trains, ferry launches and Volvo buses as media vehicles in Kolkata besides the usual set billboards. However ahead, for 2014, we would like to stick to signature sites on important suburban traffic points and maybe look at one "show-stopper" innovation. Open space thematic innovations will be a key format that we would like to explore in the coming year.

Factors that would drive higher OOH spend in W Bengal

As stated earlier, the cement industry, in most likelihood would not increment spends in Kolkata in time to come. However, as a wish list, here are some initiatives that may help advertisers-

a. Ease of executing innovations (permissions etc.)
b. Reduction in visibility clutter leading to creation of premium solo formats
c. Developing billboard structures, like in Mumbai
d. Creation of digital-led options and thematic innovations at open spaces

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