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‘Advertisers are freshly exploring airport advertising’

By Rajiv Raghunath - July 25, 2023

Aman Nanda, Chief Strategy Officer, Times Innovative Media talks about the compelling media options that beckon advertisers at the new Manohar International Airport, Goa, in an interview with Rajiv Raghunath.

Aman-Nanda,-Chief-Strategy-Officer,-Times-Innovative-MediaHow do you view the current growth trajectory of airport media business in India?

For the past two years, the passenger numbers are steadily climbing at Indian airports where the number of business & leisure travellers has shot up beyond expectations. The domestic air passenger traffic touched a remarkable figure of 1.31 crore in May which means more than 4 lakh passengers are flying on a daily basis. As a result, airport advertising has maintained its premium-ness and has certainly witnessed a surge in demand for airport advertising. Also, while the existing advertisers have retained their trust in the efficiency of the airport media formats, we are overwhelmed to welcome a new set of brand categories in the airport premises for branding and engagement with their relevant audiences.

Interestingly, the advertisers are freshly exploring airport advertising with media format innovations and relevant messaging that are well registered amongst travellers.  

What are the distinct advantages in investing and operating media in a new airport like Manohar International Airport, Goa?

India is multiplying the number of airports in the country by almost 100% driven by growing demand for travel. Hence our vision is always to thrive on opportunities that deliver the pull factor.

Talking about Manohar International Airport (MIA) Goa, it is a one-of-its-kind airport with quality traffic that includes Ultra HNI, international and young audiences that visit Goa for leisure. The nature of the audience and their right state of mind become ideal for an advertising connect. As per official numbers, this airport has already catered to 1 million passengers and handled 30% of air traffic in the last five months. It has also overtaken the Dabolim airport in terms of connectivity in five months.

MIA, Goa Airport is not only one of the most beautiful airports but also well connected to other metropolitan cities. Hence Times OOH has invested in beautiful state-of-the-art media to leverage the growing marketing needs. Considering that Goa is a party/vacation destination for international and national audiences, this airport provides world-class media, amazing ambience and crème de la crème audience to advertisers.

Airport advertising

What factors have gone into making this airport a key advertising destination?

Times OOH has always been laser focused on developing top quality media assets. Our endeavour is always to provide state-of-the-art media assets to our clients that enhance their brand presence, audience engagement and wow factor.

MIA Goa has a high number of digital OOH media assets at the departure and arrival terminals. Here, you will find the largest digital screen installed at any Indian airport, along with a new set of digital pods with multiple sensors (eyes and ears with sound-enabled features). Static media too have been designed in a manner as to enhance the aesthetics of the airport.

Another interesting offering of the airport media is its experiential media value which we offer to our clients to provide a seamless experience to their TG with grandeur welcome and see-off treatments. The idea is to provide a complete package whereby brands can welcome their TG, and see them off with heart-warming messages. 

Do see a wide spectrum of brands having this airport media in their consideration set?

Oh! certainly, we are so happy to share that we have received an overwhelming response from the advertisers’ fraternity. Knowing that this airport commands a growing audience,

international quality media assets and unique means to engage TGs, brands are showing deep interest in advertising here. Along with local clients, national brands like Volkswagen, Kirloskar, Diageo and those in retail and other categories have already started advertising with us at the airport.  

Passengers walking by Ad campaigns at airport

Any comments on how you are employing technologies to create great brand and audience experiences

Adaptation of new technologies and experiential tools have been a part of Times OOH DNA whereby we are always exploring new immersive means of advertising for our clients to provide them with cutting-edge solutions. With international quality media assets, we are also providing new creative possibilities to our advertisers and all our digital assets are capable to play anamorphic content. Several brands are exploring anamorphic content options as we speak, and we are also going the extra mile in helping them with developing such content. While more technological development is underway and we would be happy to announce them soon.


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