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‘100%, real-time ad verification is a competitive advantage for OOH’

By Rajiv Raghunath - May 12, 2022

Carlos Viladevall Passola, Founder & CEO of OOH TRACE, an independent outdoor advertising, proof-of-posting/proof-of-play verification platform, says, “We are born with a global ambition”. Carlos highlights the platform’s unique strengths in an interview with Rajiv Raghunath.

Carlos Viladevall Passola<br>Founder & CEO, OOH TRACEOOH ad verification tools have been available in different markets for quite many years now. What were the unaddressed pain-points that induced OOH TRACE to launch your own ad verification and certification platform?

Verification in Out-Of-Home has existed for many years although it has performed randomly and using the sample method. This is not the case with 100% verification of the medium, which is the proposal on which OOH TRACE is based (100% proof-of-posting and in real time) including OOH and DOOH.

From my global and local experience, 100% outdoor and real-time verification solves a competitive disadvantage compared to other media, especially digital media. The real-time verification that we propose with OOH TRACE it is not generally available. DOOH verification is highly developed in Australia, but almost non-existent in the rest of the world.

Each market has its own dynamics and although our technology is highly scalable, it is important to adapt it to the local market. This is how OOH TRACE is built, which makes it an easy to use and highly scalable tool.

OOH TRACE is a global company with presence already in seven markets which is a great benefit for both global and local customers. OOH TRACE is really thinking about OOH media and contributing to its digital transformation.

Data capture for proof of play is fairly streamlined when it comes to digital OOH media. How are you able to offer standard real-time proof-of-play / proof-of-posting reports on both classic and DOOH media?

The digital medium is, apparently, easy to measure, although in practice and as far as DOOH is concerned, it is not so simple due to the variety of systems that operators have today. It is not a trivial matter. It requires the system to be flexible to adapt to all systems. And OOH Trace offers this. Also, it is key that this measure is provided by a third party that offers independency.

As far as the measurement of the classic format is concerned, we have a proprietary application that offers the possibility, thanks to various control elements, to report real time information on posted sites. By collecting and verifying the data in real time, one can access the information through a dashboard that integrates operators, campaign KPIs, etc.

What are the pre-conditions for a client to get full benefits of using the OOH TRACE platform?

Once the OOH TRACE platform has been adapted to the local dynamics, the access to its benefits are immediate. Advertisers, Agencies and Operators can use it. For best use, it is important that OOH TRACE establishes an initial set up with local operators. Its simplicity of use and flexible technology allows for a very quick product fit process.

What is your client engagement model? Are the services available on a subscription basis?

OOH TRACE currently works with a subscription model based on usage. Our goal is to democratise the product, to make it accessible to the market and therefore to make it almost a residual cost for the greater benefit of the Out of Home Media.

Which are your target markets? And, do you see the scope of extending your services and platform to markets like India?

We are born with a global ambition, and this is how we see the path of OOH TRACE: to reach an implementation in the main countries of the world. Our initial steps have been mainly focused (with a couple of exceptions) on the main markets in terms of OOH investment in Europe and the Americas. Asia, including Japan, China and India are indeed very important markets for us and we are looking forward to considering them soon when the right opportunity arises.


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