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Find out where to tap YANKS audience

By M4G Bureau - August 28, 2019

Young Adults with No Kids (YANKS) audience prefers watching movies and theme parks on weekend

Adlabs ImagicaAdlabs Imagica in conjunction with Hansa Research conducted the ‘Consumer Behaviour and Holiday Planning Report 2019’, primarily encapsulated the holiday planning behavioral pattern exhibited amongst teenagers, junior and senior parents with exponential rise in leisure activities witnessed among YANKS i.e. savvy segment; Young Adults with No Kids. Emergence of multiple entertainment formats ranging from camping, dining out, shopping, gaming centers etc. has left one spoilt for choice in today’s world. However, the one thing resonating strongly among both time-pressed cities and also emerges as a preferred mode of holiday activity is watching movies, confirms 55% of the surveyed audience.

Adlabs ImagicaData strongly affirmed that 70% respondents agree that visit to a theme park outranks other weekend holiday or leisure activity over 2-3 months as ‘Convenience in Holiday Itinerary Planning’ is largely factored in. This includes end-to end arrangement including travel, tickets, food coupled with an entertainment mix that is designed for adventure seekers of all ages. Thus, fulfilling the promise of delivering countless hours of undiluted happiness. Ease of access and food quality is secondary interest motivators.

Adlabs ImagicaThe report states that the transformation in travel, holiday and leisure trends is also a derivative of two factors - time and spending habits of today’s YANKS and is directly tied to the perceptible rise in the disposable income of Indians as confirmed by multiple surveys. Also, the survey revealed an interesting fact what that travelling is no longer restricted to a once a year activity as more and more people are preferring long weekends trips to break the monotony of their regular schedules. Extended weekends are triggering travel plans as combining work with leisure has become the normative.

Adlabs Imagica“Each new generation of people brings a new set of preferences and tastes that characterize the way they live their lives and impact the people and businesses around them. Spending on traditional forms of entertainment by YANKS is not the preferred choice. They look forward to more experiential adventures like travel and concerts to enjoy themselves and company of others with incredible spends on entertainment which is a key trigger for theme parks”, said Dhimant Bakshi, joint CEO Adlabs Imagica.

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