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‘Our Inventory Management System will redefine the way media owners sell and manage sites and campaigns’

By M4G Bureau - July 24, 2023

M4G spoke with Adarth Technologies as they prepare to present their innovations at the upcoming OOH Expo in Delhi.

Paras Prakash, COO, Adarth MediaThe upcoming edition of the Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC) 2023, to be held in Delhi on 28th and 29th July, will feature the OOH Expo, an exciting space for solution providers to showcase their latest innovations to all the industry stakeholders. 

With just under a week to go, Paras Prakash, COO, Adarth Technologies takes us through the company’s innovation that they plan to showcase at the expo as well as the significance of the event from a business perspective. 

What innovation does your firm plan to showcase at this year’s OOH Expo?

As a technology enabler for media owners, we have developed a revolutionary Inventory Management Software (IMS) that is set to transform the way outdoor advertising businesses operate.It is designed to empower media owners by streamlining their day-to-day operations, making them more efficient and effective. With our one-stop platform, they can seamlessly manage their entire inventory, bookings, finance, proposals, landlords, users, and comprehensive reports - all from a single centralized system. It streamlines inventory management, ensures accurate and up-to-date information, and reduces the risk of errors.

Traditionally, crafting a successful proposal could take up to 10 - 20 painstaking hours. With our IMS, that time is dramatically shortened to a mere 5 minutes - an incredible efficiency boost of almost 99.6%. Our software offers robust financial tracking capabilities, helping media owners keep a close eye on revenues, expenses, and profitability. It provides detailed reports on revenue contributions, operational costs, and financial performance.

Our platform provides role-based access control, ensuring that users have the appropriate permissions for their roles and can seamlessly integrate with other business systems like CRM and accounting software – this enhances data security and streamlines workflow. Media owners can access insightful reports and analytics on inventory performance, occupancy rates, revenue trends, and more. This data-driven approach helps them make informed decisions and optimize their business strategies. 

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What is importance of the OOH Expo for Adarth Technologies from a business perspective?

The OOH Expo holds immense significance for Adarth Technologies from a business perspective, providing a platform to connect with media owners and showcase our revolutionary product. At the expo, we have the opportunity to make media owners aware of the game-changing potential of our Inventory Management Software (IMS) and how it can transform their work processes miraculously.

Our IMS will redefine the way media owners sell and manage sites and campaigns. Gone are the days of tedious proposal creation that took hours, our IMS will help streamline proposal preparation to mere minutes, freeing up time to explore limitless creative possibilities.

Furthermore, managing inventory without an IMS can leading to chaos and inefficiency. Adarth IMS centralizes all inventory data in one easily accessible platform, eliminating the need for disparate data management. This centralized approach ensures accurate and real-time information, enabling media owners to make informed decisions.

In a conventional setup, manual processes often result in approximately 30% of campaigns facing errors. Adarth IMS reduces this error rate to less than 2% through automation and real-time updates. This significantly minimizes campaign disruptions and ensures seamless execution, enhancing client satisfaction and brand credibility.

With Adarth IMS, the efficiency of proposal creation is an astounding 99.6% as we cast away the shackles of manual processes and usher in an era of automation and real-time updates, reducing campaign errors to mere whispers.

This isn't just any ordinary expo for the industry - it's a journey into the future of outdoor advertising, where Adarth Technologies holds the key to success. Join us at the OOH Expo as we unveil the secrets behind our IMS and witness the magic that can transform your business. Don't miss this enchanting opportunity to elevate your outdoor advertising to extraordinary heights! See you there!


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