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‘OOH Expo holds significant importance for businesses’

By M4G Bureau - July 24, 2023

M4G spoke with EverGlow LED as they prepare to present their innovations at the upcoming OOH Expo in Delhi.

Inderjit Kataria, Founder and CEO, EverGlowThe upcoming edition of the Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC) 2023, to be held in Delhi on 28th and 29th July, will feature the OOH Expo, an exciting space for solution providers to showcase their latest innovations to all the industry stakeholders. 

The DOOH display solution provider opened an experience in Mumbai in April 2023 with the aim of providing visitors with a world-class experience with advanced indoor and outdoor LED display systems, and enabling the company to deliver an unpar­alleled experience to the visitors with hands-on demonstration of the products and their key features in detail. The centre’s highlight product is the COB P1.5 IN­DOOR LED SCREEN. Edging the current competition with confidence, the experience centre provides an authentic LED viewing experience to the clients with the ‘Make in India’ practice.

With OAC less than a week away, we spoke with Inderjit Kataria, Founder and CEO, EverGlow on the importance of OOH Expo for businesses and solution providers alike. 

Everglow LED

What is importance of the OOH Expo for EverGlow from a business perspective? 

The OOH Expo holds significant importance for businesses with active displays due to several reasons:

1. Exposure and Reach: The expo allows businesses to showcase their products and services to a large, diverse audience, increasing brand visibility and potential customer reach.

2. Networking Opportunities: It provides a platform for businesses to connect with industry professionals, potential clients, and partners, fostering valuable networking opportunities.

3. Market Insights: Attending the expo enables businesses to gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and customer preferences within the active display industry.

4. Brand Promotion: The expo offers a chance to create a strong brand presence through interactive displays and engaging demonstrations, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

5. Product Launches: Businesses can use the expo as a platform to launch new products or features, generating buzz and excitement among attendees and media.

6. Competitive Edge: Participating in the expo showcases a company's commitment to innovation and staying ahead in the market, providing a competitive edge.

7. Consumer Feedback: Engaging directly with potential customers at the expo allows businesses to gather valuable feedback and understand consumer preferences, aiding in product refinement.

8. Sales and Partnerships: The expo can lead to increased sales and potential collaborations with other businesses, distributors, or retailers interested in the products on display.

Overall, the OOH Expo serves as a crucial opportunity for businesses to bolster their market presence, build relationships, and drive growth within the active display industry.


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