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Next Stop: Innovation! Elevating bus shelters with LED display technology

By Sakshi Sanghavi - April 11, 2024

Xtreme Media revolutionises urban transit in Guwahati with smart LED displays at bus depots, in association with Prodigy Communications and Marketing Pvt Ltd

In the fast-paced world of urban transportation, efficiency and communication plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth transit operations. As cities continue to grow and evolve, bus depots and shelters are becoming more than just hubs for buses—they are transforming into smart, dynamic spaces. One technology that is making a significant impact in this evolution is the use of LED displays. These vibrant and interactive screens are revolutionising communication and management in bus depots, enhancing both the passenger experience and operational efficiency.

Elevating bus shelters with LED display technology

Xtreme Media, in association with Prodigy Communications and Marketing Pvt Ltd., has understood the need of this sector and introduced LED displays at the bus depots of Guwahati. Xtreme Media has installed and commissioned LED displays to provide interactive advertisement spaces to brands in order to interact with commuters while travelling. The dynamic messaging on the screens are taking the bus depots by storm and creating the right medium to communicate brand messages effectively.  

These LED displays offer various benefits for brands and entities managing bus depots/ shelters:

1. Enhanced Revenue Generation:

○      Advertising opportunities: LED displays enable advertising space, allowing multiple brands to showcase ads simultaneously, maximising revenue potential.

○      Increased exposure: High visibility of LED displays attracts advertisers, resulting in higher revenue streams for the bus depot.

2. Versatile Content Display:

○      Dynamic content: LED displays can showcase a variety of content including advertisements, announcements, promotions, thereby catering to diverse audience interests.

○      Flexibility: Content can be easily updated and tailored to specific events or campaigns, ensuring relevance and engagement.

3. Operational Efficiency:

○      Efficient management: LED displays streamline communication between staff and passengers, facilitating smoother operations and better coordination.

○      Reduced workload: Automated display of information reduces the need for manual announcements and updates, freeing up staff resources for other tasks.

Elevating bus shelters with LED display technology

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, these LED displays can also help in improving passenger experience by providing:

○      Real-time information: LED displays provide up-to-date information on bus schedules, arrivals, departures, and service updates, enhancing passenger convenience and satisfaction.

○      Wayfinding assistance: Displays can offer directions, maps, and other guidance to help passengers navigate the depot more efficiently. 

It's evident that Xtreme Media’s LED displays, installed at bus shelters across Guwahati, serve as prominent focal points. Strategically positioned in key locations like Janata Bhawan in Dispur, Bhangagarh, and Commerce College, these displays draw considerable attention.


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