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‘DOOH is expected to fill the gap left by traditional OOH’

By Pray Jani - August 19, 2021

Sanket Rambhia, MD and CEO, Xtreme Media Solutions, a leading provider of digital display solutions, tells Media4growth, how DOOH can make a difference to OOH in these trying times.

Sanket Rambhia, MD & CEO<br>Xtreme Media SolutionsDo you see DOOH gaining greater ground in the post-Covid situation?

These are indeed dire times for the OOH industry, because it is losing its market share to other mediums. Media owning firms have realised the urgent need to reinvent the way they conduct business, which makes them consider the means of creating differentiation in their offerings. I believe the DOOH channel will become very prominent in bringing about that differentiation.

Where does the Indian DOOH space stand in terms of tech driven investments?

Technology is available in India and if one wishes, they can implement it even today. The challenge is the high investment and the limited capacity of creative designs that complement the technology. The industry would require a bold investor to take up the challenge and there is no better time for it than now to implement these technologies in the outdoors.

What scope do you see for growth in the DOOH space?

Although we see a lot of DOOH media in the transit space or in controlled environments, due consideration must be given to large DOOH formats positioned in the outdoors. In order for DOOH to capture the void, it must play its role of an outdoor media. It is possible to install an eye-catching media with crystal clear image and a wide angle of visibility across major junctions of a city and ideally, that is the way to go.


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