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“You can’t switch off OOH, it’s always on,” says Brand Guru Jagdeep Kapoor

By M4G Bureau - March 14, 2022

Jagdeep Kapoor, Founder Chairman & Managing Director, Samsika Marketing Consultants, kept the audience riveted in his engaging presentation on the theme: ‘How OOH Reinforces the marketing muscle of regional & startup brands’ at the in-person ‘India Talks OOH’ Conference held in Mumbai on March 8.

In a presentation peppered with quotable quotes that struck just the right chord with the audience, brand guru Jagdeep Kapoor - Founder Chairman & Managing Director of Samsika Marketing Consultants, kept the audience hooked during the recent India Talks OOH Conference held in Mumbai on March 8.  In his trademark lively manner, Jagdeep spoke on the theme of ‘How OOH reinforces the marketing muscle of regional & startup brands’ at the in person conference.

He set the context at the outset by drawing up the example of local diamond brand Kisna Diamond Jewellery of the Hari Krishna Group, which he said, spends 70% of their media spends on OOH and “has become a Rs 14,000 crore brand today”.

With a few more examples of startups and local brands, he emphasised the role of OOH and took the audience through what he called the “nine brand mantras.” Through it all, he reiterated the criticality of the marketing function for any brand, comparing it to breathing. “If a brand stops marketing then it dies.”

He then went on to reinforce the significance of OOH, particularly in comparison with other brands, by bringing up the examples of his client brands who had grown during the pandemic, and who had spent a chunk of their marketing budgets on OOH. “You can switch off your TV, Radio  or your mobile phone, But you can’t put off OOH, it’s always on,” he said driving home the point.

Throwing the spotlight on regional brands who are always focused on growth, he said these were brands who are largely ignored but who are the future, driving the marketing functions as they are. He made the point very succinctly, “Local is safal. It is better to be a local king than a national beggar.”  

Having established the relevance of OOH for regional and startup brands, he highlighted the importance of getting the best from limited marketing budgets and talked about “narrowcasting versus broadcasting” in the marketing context, adding, “Use advertising like salt, in the right proportion.”

He then went on to emphasise the need for relevance in the marketing plans while stressing on the power of OOH. “Don’t sell the right product to the wrong audience; here again OOH helps.”

He further added, making the point about how OOH can help deliver visual impact for a brand, “I have not seen any medium bring out the brand logo so beautifully  as OOH. After all, logo logon ke liye hota hai (logo is for people).”

Jagdeep summed up by recalling his own famous lines, that have been so widely used that they have become ubiquitous, “Jo dikhta hai who bhikta hai.” (what is seen sells).

He concluded by on a motivational note, while sharing some more pithy insights, “No rona during Corona. Make no fuss, just focus. First distribute, then advertise.”


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