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Wrap2Earn launches new independent media agency ‘BuzzOmni’

By M4G Bureau - September 12, 2023

The venture will serve as a one-stop solution for all media advertising needs.

Wrap2Earn takes a giant leap forward with the launch of its new independent media agency. Building on the success of LytAds in the realm of Digital OOH, Wrap2Earn expands its horizons with BuzzOmni, a one-stop solution for all media advertising needs.


BuzzOmni stands as a testament to Wrap2Earn's commitment to innovation, technology, and creating value for its advertising partners. With a bold vision to harness technology, BuzzOmni is set to redefine the advertising landscape, allowing brands to seamlessly roll out nationwide campaigns efficiently.

“BuzzOmni is the culmination of the success stories of 'Wrap2earn' and 'LytAds'; ventures that have quickly made an indelible mark on the advertising landscape in India. Our journey doesn't start from scratch; it's built upon a foundation of proven expertise. As we evolve, we carry with us the learnings and triumphs that have shaped our path.” says Elmer Dsilva, Founder of Wrap2Earn.

BuzzOmni is focused on customer satisfaction and nurturing win-win relationships. Their competitive edge is backed by strong nationwide vendor relationships. The business development team has over 80 years of collective experience in the advertising industry, and is spearheaded by Sanjay Malkani, a veteran in the outdoor industry.

The company's tech-focused approach is exemplified by its unique status as India's only transit media advertising firm with integrated analytics capabilities. "Our tech-driven approach is what has set us apart. We have built technology to help brands plan and buy media efficiently. We are also working with industry leaders to deliver data-driven insights to our advertising partners.” says Manuel Fernandes, Co-founder and CTO of Wrap2Earn.

The launch of BuzzOmni marks a pivotal moment in the advertising industry. As the company gains momentum, it is committed to continuous innovation, pushing boundaries, and delivering results that elevate brands to new heights. Our mission reflects this ethos: "We're not just advertisers, we're creators! With every interaction, we look to create value for our advertiser partners. Every campaign we curate is designed not just to promote products, but to forge meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. With us, your advertising aspirations are not just met; they're exceeded.” says Jyotiba Patil, Partner & head of business strategy.

[For more information about BuzzOmni and its groundbreaking solutions, please visit https://buzzomni.com/.]


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