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Time to spruce up OOH space in Bengaluru: Specialists

By N Jayalakshmi - August 17, 2021

Large formats will provide more heft to OOH campaign plans, but media operators would need to consciously self-regulate the business: Leading specialist agencies.

Vinkoo Chakraborty, Business Head, RapportWW India

Bengaluru is a critical metropolitan city and an integral part of our OOH campaigns for multiple advertisers across different product categories & services. In the last few years, we were doing limited campaigns because of paucity of large formats. Large formats will completely fill the void from a visibility perspective and also reintroduce another medium for the advertisers to effectively reach out to different audiences in the city. This will definitely add to the robustness of not only Bengaluru plans, but also pan-India plans. All OOH stakeholders -- government bodies, advertisers, media partners and the agencies will gain from this change. This will additionally impact the overall size of the OOH Industry too.

As for media owners, apart from the regular hygiene deliverables, we have very few expectations from them - strict adherence to the set new norms, efficient pricing and improvement of site structures so that they can sustain the vagaries of weather.

Abhijit Sengupta, CEO, OAP

It is obviously a good thing to get Bengaluru back into the OOH mix. But I would say it with a bit of scepticism, especially in terms of how regulated and orderly it will be. I would definitely not like to have mushrooming of OOH adverts all around. I think there will be certain regulations zone wise. But irrespective of whether large or small formats are permitted in any zone, it shouldn't be an eyesore and must not be overdone. We do not want to be back in the same situation in the future, with clamp-downs of the entire OOH medium by any authority or courts with fresh regulations. 

From a media specialist's perspective, there are a lot of positives. I think now we will have sufficient inventory to involve Bengaluru in all our campaigns. Most importantly, I personally feel advertisers from the city will start using the medium and keep them in their media mix. This we had seen in Delhi in the past, since seeing is believing, for this medium. 

But as said before, the association at the national or state level should be judicious in self-regulation. And the media owners, old or new, should not fall for greed and quick money. Still we need to see how it unfolds. I think it's still too early to predict long term effects, considering the erratic and whimsical nature of authorities in India.

Amarjeet Singh, COO, Laqshya Solutions

After the 3-year ban, the return of outdoor ads will bring great relief to advertisers and everyone in the OOH industry. With the availability of impact media formats, brands will be getting the options for creating more powerful OOH campaigns, rather than just restricting it to reach formats that are currently available in the market. We can expect brands to spend larger budgets in this market now, because they haven’t been able to capture the audience attention in Bengaluru, like they do in Mumbai or Delhi NCR. The BBMP has permitted hoarding of up to 60x30 square feet and the billboards can be put up to 82 feet high. This larger canvas gives a lot of flexibility and we can expect to see big campaigns regularly in the Silicon Valley of India.

The media owner fraternity in Bengaluru can heave a big sigh of relief. They have learnt their lessons from unscrupulous erection of media units and the industry will be called upon to provide a cleaner and uncluttered skyline in the city. All kinds of outdoor media like illuminated, neon, electronics, cloth banners have been allowed along with media on the Metro piers, Metro stations, bus shelters, foot-over bridges, kiosks, etc. So hopefully, the media options available for advertisers will be varied and the brands can experiment as per their requirements. The government has also fixed a fee range of Rs 100 to Rs 560 per sq.m. a month. This should help in regularising and maintaining the media and showcases some of the best OOH advertising campaigns.


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