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Step into the spotlight: Advertising Club of Madras issues glittering call for entries for the 42nd MADDYs 2024 Advertising Awards

By Sakshi Sanghavi - April 02, 2024

The awards feature a record breaking 146 categories

The Advertising Club of Madras has announced the highly anticipated return of its flagship event – the 42nd MADDYs 2024 Advertising Awards. With a rich history and a reputation for excellence, this year's MADDYs promises to be bigger and brighter than before.

In a move to adapt to the evolving landscape of advertising, the Advertising Club of Madras has expanded the award categories to an impressive 146, encompassing the latest trends and innovations in the industry. This strategic decision aims to ensure a more inclusive platform that celebrates excellence across all facets of advertising.

The 42nd MADDYs introduces a revamped award segment structure, aimed at simplifying the entry process and enhancing efficiency for agencies and individuals. The awards are now divided into four main segments:

  1. Creative awards
  2. Digital awards
  3. Media awards
  4. Unpublished awards

In addition to the expanded categories, the 42nd MADDYs introduces prestigious awards such as Digital Agency Of The Year and Client Of The Year, alongside the coveted Creative Agency Of The Year and Media Agency Of The Year.

For the third consecutive time, the entire process of entries and judging will be conducted online, using the international online award platform - Judgify, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

A vision for excellence

S. Balasubramanian, President of the Advertising Club of Madras, shared insights into the club's vision, stating, "In line with the evolving trends within our industry, we have introduced several new categories and revitalised existing segments, thus ensuring a more comprehensive scope. Our aim in making these adjustments is to broaden our reach and enhance accessibility for a diverse array of participants. Through these updates, we aspire to celebrate and acknowledge advertising talents across various domains."

Setting new standards

Surej Salim, Secretary of the Advertising Club of Madras, expressed his excitement for the 42nd MADDYs, stating, "Embarking on our 42nd Maddys Advertising Awards journey, we've meticulously crafted 146 categories, a testament to our profound industry research and insightful conversations with both the advertising fraternity and clients. This extensive array truly encapsulates the breadth and depth of modern advertising and ensures that every agency, regardless of size, finds a platform to shine, with each work meticulously evaluated by our eminent jury. The Maddys 2024 promises to be a celebration of diversity, innovation, and excellence, setting new standards in the dynamic world of advertising."

As anticipation builds for the 42nd MADDYs Advertising Awards, agencies, creatives, and marketers across India are invited to showcase their finest work and vie for the industry's highest honours. With its expanded categories and renewed commitment to excellence, the MADDYs 2024 is poised to redefine the benchmarks of advertising brilliance.

Detailed information about the categories and entry guidelines can be found on the official MADDYs website -


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