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Selvel Advertising celebrates in style Subhash Dey Niyogi’s stellar 50-year stint

By Ria Banerjee - September 04, 2018

Subhash Dey Niyogi’s 50-year career association with Selvel One described as “the rarest of rare in the outdoor fraternity”

Selvel Advertising celebrated with great fervour the completion of 50 years of Subhash Dey Niyogi’s career association with Selvel One Group, which was described as “the rarest of rare in the outdoor fraternity”. Subhash Dey Niyogi, COO of Selvel One Group, joined Selvel Advertising at the age of 21 and took the company to an exalted level in his 50-year career journey. He breathed “outdoor advertising through and through” and as the years passed by “he stood as a bold and endearing inspiration to all the associates of out-of-home trade”.

Reminiscing about Subhash’s contribution to OOH, Noomi Mehta, Chairman, Selvel One Group, said: “It’s been an incredible experience working with Subhash Dey Niyogi. He never has worked for Selvel. He has been Selvel himself and I would never ever dare to say that he worked for me, except that I worked with him to try and develop the company that we love to call Selvel as it stands today. A lot of what has happened occurred by faith, circumstance, and some of it by luck and a fabulous journey of 42 years together with him, 42 out of 50 years. So that’s quite a long time.”

On the special occasion, Subhash Dey Niyogi, said, “I have taken an ownership and no more an employee. The greatest advantage is that I have left a legacy behind which others may take forward. This is my incredible journey in my Selvel family. This is my company.”

Pramod Bhandula, Executive Chairman, JCDecaux India, who attended the commemorative event, said that Subhash in his 50-year career journey had set very high benchmark standards that are not easy to match.

Dipankar Sanyal, CEO of Platinum Outdoor, said, that although he had a brief interaction with Subhash there was a lot of learning for him in that period. “He is a people’s man and enjoys the loyalty of all employees. He always instilled great confidence in the team members,’ he said.

“What can be said about a legend? Most of us in the outdoor industry somewhere have learnt a lot under him. He does not believe in giving up. He is a fighter, he taught us to fight” said Firdause H. Jila, Chief Operating Officer, Vantage Advertising.

Jahan Mehta, Director, Selvel One recalls, “Mr Niyogi exemplifies what a family business is. He has bridged the gap between family and business. He gives security, safety and, of course, the learning for him is that anything less than 30 years is like yesterday.”

Satindar Singh, Owner, Sampark Advertising, said, “I have been in the industry for 20 years. I feel honoured when Subhas Dey Niyogi (Niyogi da) stepped into my office. Niyogi da has not only completed 50 years in the industry but he is a brand himself.”

The event was organised in Kolkata city auditorium.


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