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Scarcity of OOH formats leads to limited exposure: Vinkoo Chakraborty

By Satarupa Chakraborty - October 14, 2015

According to Vinkoo, a promising market like UP can grow extensively in outdoor advertising if only formats and aesthetics are improved along with certain monitoring systems and regulations in place.

Presenting her topic'Is Regional Market ready for Growth? - Challenges and opportunities' at UP Talks OOH 2015, Vinkoo Chakraborty, National Director - Planning, Madison  took us through interesting facts on OOH's position of India, which stood at 12th place in 2013 and India maintained its position even in 2014, whereas other nations inter-changed positions.

Metros Vs Regional Market:
  • Media consumption: India stands in the 2nd highest position in terms of the number of cellular users. With a total number of 800 million mobile phone users, markets beyond metros are promising and growing. India's e-commerce scene is also driven by small towns at a percentage of 40 percent
  • High Consumption propensities
  • Connected consumers
  • Infrastructural growth

All above-mentioned points amount to the promising future that OOH industry in UP is offering or can offer in the near future.

Key Challenges in Regional Market:

  • Limited OOH formats and environments' leading to drastic reduction when one wants to take a national campaign to regional market. Scarcity of formats leads to limited exposure
  • Limited ambient mediums that results to budget reduction
  • Illumination is still a problem
  • Aesthetics are compromised when it comes to brand building drive imagery
  •  Fragment fluctuations in inventory levels - think about litigations and political interference
  •  Monitoring is still tough i.e once in a fortnight.
  •  Lack of infrastructural amenities - Transportation, inferior quality of structures, wear and tear, loss of advertizers' money etc.

"We live in a country of contradictions. Yes, there are challenges but there's silver lining of enormous opportunities in the state. Even if we can revive 1/3rd of our business, it'll be huge boost to the OOH market of UP,” Chakraborty signed off.



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