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RDN at Bengaluru City Station greets passengers with Covid prevention messages

By Rajiv Raghunath - May 13, 2020

Sharma Srishti Synergy, operator of RDN in Bengaluru rail division, managed the public messaging before the first train from Bengaluru to New Delhi left the station

When the Railway Display Network (RDN) was inaugurated in the Bengaluru Division of South Western Railway, that the media assets could be used for public messaging and dissemination of information on disaster management was only mentioned in passing. However, with the Covid-19 outbreak, this network is being fully utilised to update passengers at the railways stations on the practices and etiquettes to be observed while they arrive at the station and board the train.

On May 12, in the entire duration before the first train from KSR Bengaluru City Station to New Delhi left the station, the entire RDN having 40+ digital screens displayed Covid-19 prevention messaging, from the Union Ministry of Health, government departments and even from eminent persons in Bengaluru. S Kumar, MD of Srishti Group, who spearheads the Sharma Srishti Synergy that operates the RDN at 32 stations in the Bengaluru Division, said the digital display network beaming Covid-19 messages was seen to significantly help the passengers to observe the necessary physical distancing while queuing up to board the train. He was particularly impressed with the way the passengers observed the discipline while following the queue.

“It was heartening to see the RDN being used for such important messaging, and indeed it was a reiteration of the multi-functions that the media assets at the railway stations,” said Kumar.

Pertinent to note that Railways had started 15 trains between New Delhi and various state capitals on May 12, of which one of them was the train set between New Delhi and Bengaluru.


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