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1st state-of-the-art traffic surveillance booth inaugurated in Bengaluru

By M4G Bureau - May 11, 2020

Signpost India has designed and implemented the project; similar booths likely to be put up at 389 traffic junctions

Mayor of Bengaluru M Goutham Kumar along with B H Anil Kumar, Commissioner, BBMP and Bhaskar Rao, Bengaluru Traffic Police Commissionerate inaugurated a state-of-the-art traffic surveillance booth at Hudson Circle in the city. The launch is part of India’s first modern dedicated traffic surveillance programme with the plan to expand the network to 389 junctions in phase 1.

The BBMP Commissioner appreciated Signpost India’s role in the design and implementation of the project – that has the bird spike guard to digital displays to anti-heat resistant fibre-reinforced industrial grade insulation with heat adaptive materials for constant temperature inside the cabin, to air purifier with ventilation, anti-glare glass, first aid kit, water dispenser, equipment  charger, energy efficient lights, megaphone, cabin entry/exit operation access through app, etc. The access to the booth is controlled from the central control room. Similar projects expected to be implemented in other metro cities.

Bhaskar Rao commented that “Every day more than 3,000 traffic officers are exposed to extremely vulnerable conditions including nitrogen oxide dispersed through vehicular pollution, noise beyond 75 dB levels, heavy dust/heat/rain/honking. On behalf of the Commissionerate, we appreciate the commendable efforts of the team of BBMP and Signpost India to design and implement the programme. Our team is evaluating the feasibility of each location for this project to secure minimum 180 ° view from each booth.”

Shripad Ashtekar, Director, Signpost India, said: “We thank the Karnataka Government and agencies for believing in us to implement this complex green-field project, which has 27+ features. The entire programme in these trying times will generate employment for more than 500 persons.”

The monitoring booths will have static/digital panels to display commercials apart from the facility to transmit public / disaster management messaging. The project will be sustained with advertising revenues.



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