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OAC 2023 commences with riveting talks on challenges and opportunities for OOH segment

By M4G Bureau - July 28, 2023

The first three sessions at OAC 2023 covered broad topics such as gamification of ads, media mix modelling, and using ideas to attract budgets.

Shashank shrivastavaThe 17th edition of the Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC) got off to an electric start with talks and presentations from industry leaders setting precedent for things to come throughout the day. 

Shashank Shrivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Maruti Suzuki began the proceedings with his talk on How OOH can elevate brand campaigns. Shashank spoke on the need for collaboration and harnessing data driven strategies for OOH. He also touched upon the fact that DOOH allows for gamification of ads, and concluded his talk stating that the spends in OOH are going to increase multi-fold and not in small increments due to the development of the industry. 

Amanda DorengbergThis was followed by Amanda Dorenberg, President, Canadian Out of Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau (COMMB) and her talk on connecting the dots for a global OOH ecosystem. Amanda began her presentation in an interesting manner giving a demographic breakdown of consumers to understand the socio-economic element of advertising for better understanding of the potential customers. She highlighted the need to leverage Media Mix Modelling (MMM) software to fuel the OOH space. She finished with a special message for advertisers, “Dream big for OOH!”

Vikram SakhujaVikram Sakhuja, Group CEO, Madison Media & OOH then took stage to talk about how OOH best integrates into a multichannel marketing strategy for brands. Vikram highlighted that the OOH sector has more or less maintained a share 7% share of the ad expenditure, while a healthy a number, has the potential to grow more. He emphasized on the need to overcome a ‘fixation’ of metro cities as almost 2/3rd OOH spends occur in the top 5 metros. Instead, there’s a collective need to educate brands on the OOH landscape in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and the opportunities that come with it. 

Each session was interactive as it was followed by a Q&A session where audience members got to propose their questions to the speaker via the OAC App. 


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