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Netherlands-based DooH Solutions & Services in pact with Sightcorp for data-driven DOOH

By Rajiv Raghunath - June 25, 2021

By joining forces with Sightcorp, we are well equipped to bring unity to data measurement and reporting which can be adopted by both publishers and media buyers, says Ed van Uffelen, DooH Solutions & Services.

Netherlands-based DOOH technology specialist DooH Solutions & Services has selected Sightcorp, an anonymous audience and analytics intelligence specialist for digital signage, DOOH, OOH and in store analytics, to jointly bring quality audience data to the DOOH landscape in the BeNeLux.

Powerful Data-Driven DOOH

Owing to the one-to-many nature of OOH advertising, media owners do face challenges in assessing the total audience reach of their media assets on a daily, weekly or location basis. Without performance data, media buyers too find it difficult to carry out effective campaign analysis, and act on location specific trends. The partnership between DooH Solutions & Services and Sightcorp aims to provide that much needed value and understanding of true audience reach and viewer conversion rates to address the current lack of substantiated and up-to-date audience measurement data within the OOH industry.

DooH Solutions & Services has over 15 years of experience within the digital signage industry, providing user-friendly and trusted DOOH solutions to clients throughout sectors such as retail and OOH advertising, enabling them to deploy impactful and engaging digital content. They supply the essential DOOH components while also offering their clients content creation services and consultancy to guide them throughout the entire process.

The DooH Solutions & Services team is now utilising Sightcorp’s video analysis technology that can attribute actual views to physical screens. The software gives accurate counts of opportunity to see (OTS), impressions, attention time, dwell time and demographic analysis to name a few. It can also be easily retrofitted into any existing digital displays by simply embedding or adding a camera to the screen, reducing complexity and making the integration process scalable.

Standardisation of Audience Data

DooH Solutions & Services maintains in a media release that the ability to provide advertisers with real-time granular insights supplied in a transparent and trusted manner which are recognised and adhered to by the whole industry is extremely important to further drive the growth of the DOOH industry. In addition, by standardising and adopting metrics like OTS and impressions that online channels (e.g. online display ads, social media ads etc.) have been using for many years will make it easier for brands to evaluate the performance of their omnichannel marketing campaigns.

“With every new project we notice that data collection is carried out slightly differently. However, without common metrics and currency used by the whole channel, advertisers are having a hard time understanding the performance of their content across different networks,” says Ed van Uffelen, DooH Solutions & Services.

“By joining forces with Sightcorp, we are well equipped to bring unity to data measurement and reporting which can be adopted by both publishers and media buyers,” he adds.

The benefits of implementing this technology into DOOH networks are twofold; publishers can use this information to understand the value of each screen and evaluate performance per location, ensuring they price ad space accurately and distribute it to the right customers according to their requirements. Brands that advertise on these data-driven networks will receive all the campaign intelligence insights that Sightcorp provides; audience per content, impression data, ad performance metrics, demographic groups reached, etc.

Privacy as Top Priority

In an increasingly cookieless online world and with the rapid adoption of computer vision that has the ability to provide similar performance metrics long-used by online platforms, the DOOH space is projected to gain even more traction as an advertising medium. Therefore, it is crucial that data collection remains privacy proof. Sightcorp’s technology works through an extensive privacy by design process to collect fully anonymous audience data. The software also comes with a privacy by default feature and processes information only on the edge (locally) for extra data security ensuring that no infringement on personal privacy ever occurs and that it is meeting all the requirements set out by privacy regulations.

“We are happy to partner with DooH Solutions & Services, a strong forerunner in the DOOH industry. Through our partnership we can bring high quality, anonymous and real-time audience measurement and reporting solutions to the Netherlands and beyond. Providing true clarity and data-backed campaign performance insights,” says Joyce Caradonna, CEO at Sightcorp.


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