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Maha Metro to host a webinar to explore business ideas in Nagpur metro

By M4G Bureau - August 11, 2020

In webinar, the corporation will share branding and advertising opportunities for businesses to increase awareness and enhance branding

The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (also known as Maha Metro) has announced a webinar ‘Business Opportunities with Nagpur Metro’ to discuss the different prospects of business opportunities available at Nagpur metro station.

In partnership with The Indus Entrepreneurs, the webinar will be held on August 14 this year at 4 PM where there will be a great emphasized on significant revenue share from non-fare box. Dr. Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director of Maharashtra Metro, explained that accordingly, special designs, state of the art structures and facilities were planned, designed and implemented from inception.

Dr. Dixit said, “In these hard times of the pandemic, the pace of Maha Metro is still geared up to give a boost to the various local, national and international businesses by increasing awareness of various opportunities available for the businesses and enhance branding.”

The webinar is expected to be attended by individuals and organisations from Nagpur, Wardha Yavatmal, Amravati, Pune, Mumbai, Raipur and even from foreign locations like London, US, Dubai, Singapore and other countries.

“With Covid19 pandemic prevalent all around, this webinar is going to offer a great opportunity to potential investors to evaluate business opportunities available with Maha Metro. Maha Metro urges entrepreneurs and businessmen to take advantage of the webinar and boost their business” added Dr. Dixit.

Out of total, the metro authority has calculated that 60% of the revenue is expected from non-fare revenue (NFR). The method of generation of non-fare box revenue by Maha metro as planned and implemented would be discussed in the webinar.  The various components of non-fare revenue include: property development, semi-naming of metro stations and advertising related provisions to name a few.

“Maha Metro has already started earning NFR revenue from various sources and had taken number of steps in that direction. Maha metro has leased out business spaces at metro stations  to the various companies. The metro train completely wrapped with advertisement and branding of Bank of Maharashtra are plying on Reach 3. Advertising agency rights of few metro stations are allotted and many other revenues have started flowing. With this, the limited sources with Metro are exhausting and we want that the same should be known to the masses to avail the benefit,” said a statement by the Maha Metro.

The host of entrepreneurs, start-up owners, budding entrepreneur and professionals would be the participants of the webinar. The webinar will begin with a presentation from team Maha Metro. The presentation will give details of Maha Metro and status of the project, non-fare box revenue sources of Maha Metro and business opportunities with Maha metro like property business spaces, kiosks availability, PD spaces, branding and marketing opportunities, food joint junction in metro stations and also the outline of the allotment process.



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