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Madison World teams in training to gear up for the challenging times

By Bhawana Anand - April 30, 2020

The team members have the opportunity to enhance their individual soft skills and functional expertise

As a famous writer Nabil Sabio said, “When fishermen can’t go to sea, they repair their nets”. On similar lines, Madison World, experiencing the pause caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, is building up for the future by conducting online training programmes for their employees handling different profiles in the group. Named as the Madison Media Advantage Programme, the training modules include a combination of soft skills training and functional training. There are sessions on presentation skills, cross functioning, internal frameworks, tools training, digital basics, digital advance, media basics, strategy, outcomes planning, and touchpoint planning.

To understand the details about the modules, Media4Growth approached Bhamini Painter, HR Director, Madison World for her comments. “The lockdown was sudden, so training during this period was not a planned project. But since we had a list of trainings which we were wanting to do and could not do them due to time constraints and client commitments during the pre-Covid period, we brought that list out, made mini projects out of it and checked if the same can happen online by blocking an hour or so twice a week,” she explained.

Bhamini Painter, HR Director, Madison WorldThe group is keeping the programme structures open and experimental in terms of framework and agenda as they are customised to be applied to businesses, clients and categories and the “What’s in it for me“ factor is high which leads to engagement and application.

To retain the interest of employees in the programme conducted by internal and external trainers, the modules have been kept short and functional in nature. “Also, we try and form client teams so all trainings are related to the group’s actual work so the teams don’t lose interest,” added Bhamini. And to understand their outcomes, every training session ends with an objective, quantitative feedback form to be filled up, along with an update on follow up sessions.

Bhamini pointed out that the training has been taken up very well by all in the office because of the flexibility to do smaller group sessions and the trainers being available to customise trainings for particular groups.


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