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Madison Media launches Datask

By M4G Bureau - August 23, 2019

It is an in-house data driven marketing and insights platform designed to identify and define personalized experiences at scale across creative, media and CRM

madisonIndia’s leading media agency, Madison Media today unveiled Datask, its proprietary consumer-based targeted marketing and insights platform, designed to identify and define personalized experiences at scale across creative, media and CRM. Datask drives customer-forward Mar-Tech capabilities to a higher level with the confluence of data and technology.

Datask will help brands understand information about customer demographics and psychographics, including what draws customers in and persuades them to make purchases by bringing all the data together on one single platform, giving brands a cohesive view of customers. It will give brands the ability to centralize and manage their databases, analyze their marketing efforts, inform content management systems, power advertising platforms and thus improve overall marketing outcomes.

Datask is designed to plan consumer insights, audience segmentation, channel planning, creative development and message distribution, with continuous optimization and measurement with attribution tied to brand performance at every step of the consumer journey. Datask can be integrated with marketing cloud, allowing clients to get the most from their first-party data and Mar-tech investments.

Says Vikram Sakhuja, Partner & Group CEO Madison Media & OOH, “We are committed using insights, data, technology and MarTech capabilities to increase our clients' profits in a sustainable way. Until now, the idea of mass personalization was more of an aspiration than a reality, Datask changes that. This is targeted marketing at scale and in action and the new platform can be leveraged by all Madison Media clients across multiple disciplines.”

Says Vishal Chinchankar, Chief Digital Officer, Madison Media, “With Datask, we have created a unified technology platform that intakes disparate datasets, provides normalization and segmentation on that data, and thus will allow Madison clients to define specific audience segments to which they can provide distinct marketing experiences.”

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