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‘Data and tech oriented OOH advertising growing in Asia’

By Pray Jani - August 02, 2019

Srikanth Ramachandran addressed OAC 2019 by highlighting the benefits of data driven OOH campaigns

Srikanth RamachandranSrikanth Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of Moving Walls, Malaysia, addressed the audience at OAC 2019 with his topic, ‘How cost-conscious Asian firms are taking to data & technologies’ wherein he dwelt on why digital was growing so well.

According to him, transparency, and automation make digitally equipped platforms more desirable as against the traditional ones. He further categorized data in two segments: one that was needed by media owners and the other that was needed by brands.

He also explained the three core elements of a campaign, namely, reach (number of people who saw the campaign) frequency (number of times the same audience viewed the campaign), and lastly, time (when the campaigned was being viewed, or when it reached the audience etc). These three aspects were central to the data that is collected for either of the two groups, Srikanth said. However, he added that the time (of capturing the audience’s attention) was same for both the digital and static media.

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For media owners, statistics regarding the location of the target audience is naturally important, as also the commuting routes of these audiences around the media. He also talked about the potential exposure that the media could draw based on the positioning of the media. “The interest generated by the media through digital queries is an important data point that media owners need to consider,” he added.

As Srikanth pointed out, there are times when an online search is triggered through an outdoor campaign. Ideally that should also be looked at as the impact of outdoor campaign, he pointed out. For brands, Srikanth also suggested a tie-up with multiple owners as audience data pointing to their attributes would help drive the campaign better.

Srikanth summed up with a very important point, namely that the budget from brands for digital OOH, is taken off of the digital segment and not the outdoor segment. Brands allot a huge amount to the digital campaigns and DOOH is a part of that segment. This gives digital a distinct advantage over OOH.

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