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LG Electronics asks the Young Generation, 'What Makes Your Life So Good?'

By M4G Bureau - August 10, 2020

The electronic major brand, now, plans to target new-age audience with special campaigns to be tailored for them

LG Electronics, a globally renowned and trusted maker of consumer electronics, is moving a step closer to today's younger population by pursuing a clearer understanding of what a good life means to them. Through a variety of platforms including interactive online quizzes, LG is listening to more young adults as it delves deep into what truly makes life good for them.

LG has always explored the meaning of a good life, consistently working to facilitate it for consumers of all generations. Through engaging activities such as this one, LG now moves to further understand and encourage the younger population, a key step towards better supporting everyone's version of life's good.

Getting more young people involved so that they can have their say is a key part of LG Electronics' larger campaign, which is to be launched soon with special projects tailored for a young audience.

"Understanding what makes life meaningful for young people is also an opportunity to rediscover what a good life means to all of us," explained Kim Jin-hong, Head of LG Electronics' Global Marketing Center, "Through such exciting activities, we hope to reach out to the younger generation for further support and connection to help make their lives good in the truest sense."

Responses have so far revealed the enriching effect of social connections in life, with a majority of 43% of respondents most valuing friends and family, deep conversations, and shared experiences. Secondly, 27% of participants pointed to passion making their life good, allowing them to immerse themselves in new endeavors. Other respondents also attributed creativity and curiosity as driving forces of daily life.

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